Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Going hip hop crazy!

Going hip hop crazy!

Hey there my fellow bloggers, am so sorry for the late posts! i have been busy studying for exams, that little did i know time past by so fast that its already the next day, and its time to write another blog. Anyways...

Have you ever wondered what would happen to this world if everyone went hip hop crazy? We would have loads of Jay Zs and Missy Eliots walking around the streets partying till the wee hours of the day. Imagine having the whole town changed into a hip hop street night. Cars would be painted to suit backstreet hip hop artistic ideas. The traffic lights will change to tune to hip hop songs. Each beat of the song will change the colours of the light. Every night a huge disco ball that blasts hip hop music will hang from the pale sky that would be lighted with different neon colours moving around the area. Nights would be called the ghetto night town as the whole town is turned into a disco. People dont have to pay to go into clubs, they can just dance on the streets as there would be blasting hip hop tracks coming from the disco ball. Some ghetto night hostess would dress up as hip as Lil Kim can get going around taking your drink orders. Your drinks charge would be paid simply by making a cool dance move, that gets the crowds attention. This would be just like a free clubbing night.

Imagine going to school and learning how to dance hip hop. The teachers would be more of hip hop dancers, like Jessica Alba. Kids would watch movies like Honey and U've got served to boost their enthusiam in hip hop dancing. It would be a state rule that everyone who lives in the state would have to know how to dance hip hop. Our education minister would be Wade Robson. Valid Victorians would get a chance to be featured on Wade's show. Scholarships would be offered by the Wade academy of hip hop dancers. So what you think? Aint this something to be studying hard for?

Lol....This is just a crazy hip hop dream. Plan on meeting Ja Rule on the streets, then hope this dream comes true!