Wednesday, April 26, 2006

RSVP no more

RSVP no more

It is so frustrating really, how the modern generation reply to invitations. They just dont reply and expect you to know if they are coming or not. No such thing as RSVP anymore. It so sucks, especially when you need to organise things like buy movie tickets or cater food.

Sheesh, I may sound old fashion, but we CANNOT ignore the RSVP sign on a card. Its not there for decoration. Its a sign that the person who invited you needs to do something that requires them to know the amount of people attending.

So next time you get an invite with RSVP on it, reply!

Stress till I here the sound of the harmonica

Stress till I here the sound of the harmonica

My exams are in 26 days time. I am not ready!!! I feel jittery, and unhappy of the fact that there is so much to remember. When I read, I know what is happening. But when I try to recall, oh man, my mind goes blank. I believe this is just stress. AAAHHHHHHH... IM losing time. The clock is ticking. (tick. tock. tick. tock.)

My birthday is in 3 days time, this friday, and I want to release my stress over a movie with my mates. It just sucks cause, most people just turn the offer down, cause of exams. Whats 3 hours for a friend do to your study plans? So much for friends. I seriously dont get it. Most of the time I go out of the way, even when IM busy for yall, and yall cant even give me 3 hours? (this goes to those who turned me down with reason being exams). Talk about being kiasu. Kiasuism + friends = incomplete solution. You just cant have both!

I hear there is a band from uni having a gig on the same night, and people are going for that. Whats the big idea? You waste more time at a gig than at a movie, a movie with your friend on her birthday. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH... Im being depressive.

(Dont mind me, just pissed off. For those of you who said yes to the movie, thank you guys so much. It means the world to me really!! Thats all I want on my birthday, true friends!)

In all, the stress and mess, I still hear the sound of the harmonica coming from the living room where daddy is sitting, playing his brand new Hohner, Big Valley. This puts a smile to my face. Mummy, my siblings and I, got daddy a harmonica for his birthday. I was really worried he would not appreciate it much, but I must say, I know know he does indeed appreciate it. He plays so well. He can actually play it! Note, I emphasize the fact that he can really play, cause most of us own a harmonica in our houses, but no one really knows how to play, but daddy he can not just play it, but he plays it really well. He is re-living the old days where he used to play a hohner really well. Nice to hear the sound of the harmonica again. It shows you his appreciation.

In all the stress, appreciation for the smallest things manages to put a smile on your face.

Love you dad. Keep on playing. It motivates me
. *wink*

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bunny has been murdered!

Bunny has been murdered!



Bunny came to me as a gift from a friend studying in New Zealand for Easter (thank you Ameet). Measured at about 14 cm tall, stood this bunny in a blue cloak branded Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, smiling at everybody who stood to admire it (although it knew that his dying day was to come, when someone decides to eat it up).

It arrived on April 17th, and since it was a monday, I decided to wait for the weekend to snap some pictures of it, and send a thank you card to the sender (you see, my sister holds the camera, whose only back on the weekends). Till then, I was gonna bond with the bunny. Every day I open the fridge to see it smiling at me. It was so so adorable.

But then came, April 20th. I opened the fridge in the morning only to find the body of my bunny lying there with its head no where in sight.


*snif* No more smiling bunny. No more 14 cm tall bunny(now only 8 cm tall). No bunny to take a picture to make a thank you card. Alls left is its body.


Oh poor bunny, may you rest in peace.

Just you wait murderer, whoever you are, ill find you.
Youll regret you ever laid eyes on MY Bunny.

(frustrations of living in a house with so many people)

Monday, April 17, 2006



Some guys like to dive right into a relationship
just like raw meat.
Some guys like to take time, and get to know you slowly
just like boiling a potato, then peeling it, then mincing it.

But some guys like a bit of both
You need a bit of meat, and the bolied, peeled and minced potatoes
So I call them cutlets...

p/s: dont take it this too seriously, this is just my cutlet theory.

Friday, April 07, 2006



The term "do what makes you happy" is seriously flawed. Complete bullshit, if you dont have money at the end of the day. It is what you want to believe, what you choose to feel.

The only thing thats real, is the sacrifice people make for the benefit of others. Sacrificing happiness to help someone out. Sacrificing dreams, just so you dont become a burden to anyone. Sacrifising time, so you dont piss people off. True love, is a sacrifice.

Sometimes, people throw the weirdest things at you. Sometimes you end up in a position, that make u lose your reputation, and image. I have made someone so upset at me, that they have lost all respect for me. On the facts of this situation, I could be so angry and not forgive anyone like that, but its different. This person is different. This person will play a big part in my life later on, and I hate having made her upset. I dont know how to say sorry, and even if I did say sorry, I wouldnt be too sure about what I am saying sorry for. But, I am truly sorry for causing hurt to her, and I just wish there was an easier way to get that across to her.

I just wanted to hear an explanation, not from a thrid party. Im still searching for a way.

True love is a sacrifice. This also means, sacrifising your wants, for the happiness of others. Sacrifice for me at this point, is drowning my pride, and finding a way to reconcile.

The season of lent is about sacrifice and reconciliation. I hope and pray, that I will continue to grow in that light.