Sunday, September 10, 2006

The emotional hang over

The emotional hang over

Friday night:

Good Show.
Hard Drinks.
Instant Headache....

To many things on my mind.

I keep thinking of how much you love me,
and its just killing me.
I dont think you go all out for me as you used to.
Is it because of change?
Have I changed?

I still send you emails, write you letters, send you smiles, hugs and kisses.
I sms you every other time I can.
I write about you, for you all the time.
I still buy roses everyday to put in that vase you got me, eventhough Im broke.
I argue with you, because I miss you and I love you.

Have you forgotten how much I love you?
Did I do something to make you turn away?
Why cant I see the guy I used to know?
Was it that you did too much for me?
That it hurt your household and lost yourself?

Maybe I just dont deserve your love...

But I miss you and I love you
and I am still here waiting for you to run back into my arms.

Saturday morning:

Hang Over.