Friday, April 29, 2005

Birthday Showers

Birthday showers

Its my birthday today, and to mark this day I would receive showers, which i prefer to call showers of blessings. Yes, thats right! Every year on the 28th of April in Malaysia, it will rain. It's ironic, how I know this fact, and still had lots of pool parties in the past years which most, get ruined by the birthday rain. Maybe I was born on a rainy day and rain was something I should love? Unfortunately, I dont fancy rain at all. All it does is ruin my perfectly straight mouisturised hair. Rain is good on hot days, but it still ruins my hair.

Its funny how hair texture and condition can change with a little rain water. Rain water is not water you should wash your hair with. It does not contain enough minerals as the water we get in the bathroom. Today, the rain that pours down is also filled with acid. Hence, your hair is easily damaged by it. So for those of you who love playing in the rain, know what your getting your hair in for.

Enough of disaster pool parties, next year onwards I will be having rain coat parties. Bring a rain coat, and lets have some fun in the rain without getting our hair wet. Dont believe this fact? Check it out, there are loads of statistics on the net regrading weather reports on months and days in the past years. You would note that every year in Malaysia on April 28th it rains!

"Rain down on me!"