Monday, November 06, 2006

The power of contacts

The power of contacts

It is amazing what you can achieve with contacts. You could get away with murder by just knowing the right people. In a working environment, being in the good books of your boss, actually has many advantages. On the negative end, it really annoys others who are just doing their job the right way(which is the harder way).

The truth is, when you have contacts like that, people just hate you. You could look at it as if it were jealousy. In my working environment I learnt that although people bitch about the person who sucks up to the boss, that person actually benefits more. Personally I hate the next person who polishes the boss' shoe, but if you look at it in a wider perspective, you find that, its life. That's how this world operates. They always say study smart not hard. It works the same way with work I guess. Work smart not hard. Suprisingly it actually takes you to the top.

A little inside on my situation at work. The boss they all bitch about who is such a big suck up, always get a phone call 10 minutes before the district manager plans to walk in for a "surprise checklist". That gives us more than enough time, to make sure everything is in order, expiry dates are checked and updated, and the outlet is sparkling. In the end of the day, the suck up gets promoted right to the top, with a better job, and a higher paying salary. Leaving the rest of us, hardworkers, frustrated at how easily it was for the suck up to climb the ladder.

Guess that's life though. You got to want to get to the top, and play your role smart, not hard. No I am not encouraging anyone to suck up to their boss, but merely stating a point that you only get places when you know the right people.

The next time, you get a chance to meet some new people. Take that opportunity, you never know what they could do for you. Haha. Sounds like using people.

Well, that's life, be smart! Get used it!