Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Key to patience.

Key to patience.

I find it rather funny that people find it annoying to sit down and knit, but don't find it annoying sitting in front of a un-upgraded computer for hours. If i am not wrong, both of these task require a lot of patience. So why is it that most people prefer computers to knitting?

Yes, i agree that knitting may be an old trend, but i feel that the amount of patience needed to knit is no where close to one using a computer. "using a computer, requires long waits as two are communicating in two different languages."- John Mill. So why is it, we have so much patience with computers?

I use to say, i hate knitting, as i have a very short attention span, but yet i can sit in front of my old rugged un-upgraded computer for hours without even coming close to the sentence. "i hate computers!"

But recently, i have been getting very restless, and annoyed at having to use a computer that takes 5 minutes just to get into the next page. No, i thought this was rather slow, but many friends say that its nothing compared to 15 minutes of waiting for a page to load. Yet these friends, don't get irratated waiting. If a needle and thread were given to them to knit a simple cloth, most people like them would get so frustrated after only 5 minutes. So what is the logic here?

What is your key to patience?