Monday, May 15, 2006

Wish list of ifs

Wish list of ifs

If there was a lake,
Ill swim with you
If there was an open sky,
Ill watch birds with you
If I had more shoes,
Ill walk longer with you
If I had handcuffs,
Ill cuff myself to you
If I was a stranger
Ill walk miles till I find you
If I had one wish
It be to stay with you,

thats if and only if,
my wish list of ifs comes true.

Friday, May 12, 2006

If all ladybrids were females, then how do they have babies?

If all ladybrids were females, then how do they have babies?

It never before came across my mind how a ladybug (ladybird) got its name. If they are all ladies, then how do they reproduce?

Before anyone makes any smart comments, let me just say that I am not and have never been a science stream student. I have always been with the arts stream.(hmmm... I can just imagine, all those who know me, would be thinking that I am joking as my mother is a Biology teacher). But note, I really am not a science student, and you will realize why when you read below.

Here is how I think ladybugs have babies.

Well, ladybugs are such pretty creatures. So I would think that they obviously pamper themselves, just like us humans in a rose petal bubble baths. Theirs would most likely be an aphids bubble bath. (Aphids are green insects that eat plants. Aphids are what ladybugs eat.) So yea, as I was saying, they pamper themselves so well... and in that luxury experience the utmost pleasure which is so divine of the soothing bath. That is when they decide to go lay some eggs, and let more ladybugs experience those divine baths.

Alright. Now I know I sound real juvenile and as you should already know, I just made up that bit of bullshit. Yup, I just read it off the internet on how ladybugs actually have babies. However that is not what is important for this blog.

I am giving out a ladybug award to the person who comes up with the most creative and imaginative explanation to how ladybugs got its name, and how they have babies. It must be totally what you think, and try not to think too scientifically. Just put your answers in by adding a comment to this post. Remember it does not have to be the right answer. I am looking for imagination. The award will be placed in this blog and will have the winners name on it.

This is what the award looks like.

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Isnt it an adorable award? hehehe... Get your thinking caps working, and show me some creativity!

The closing date is on the 26th of May.