Saturday, February 19, 2005

Magic Trolleys

Magic trolleys

I dragged myself into the supermarket forcing myself to keep up with my mother and sister's pace. It was hard as it was either they were after the bullet train, or it was just me being paranoid of the fact that we were here to shop. Shopping is just not my thing. Some people just love too shop. They don't even have to have money to shop, as they find the thrills still present when they window shop. Well that is just not me. I do not find anything fascinating with shopping. When i need somehing, I go get it at a specified place, even then I would plan ahead on where I have to go, and how long I would take in that shop. Talk about being paranoid yet organised!

I do not usually do the supermarketing. I find that is a mother's job. Although I do know that someday i'll be a mother too, and I would need to do the supermarketing, but hey, there is a long way for that day to come and hopefully in time, we would have for confidence in e-bay supermarketing that it will be a norm to click online for your marketing and have it delivered at your door step. Now that's me dreaming, although i do believe such things already exist.

Well today, was no ordinary day, as I had to shop for groceries. Why? Simply because my mother insisted that I come along as three quaters of the shopping was done for a youth event I was involved in which she volunteered to cook for. So yeah, we were at Tesco. It has been quite sometime since i last set foot in this huge british supermarket.

I decided to stroll along wih the trolley finding much enthusiam in it as the wheels were so smooth that it could just literally take you 100km/h in just 5 mins. It was brilliant. I wondered why they would create such a trolley for housewives( my supermarket ladies)? I remember being a kid sitting in the trolley being pushed around. It was a lot of fun as I had always a seat, and i could pull loads of things that i liked at my reach into the trolley. Actually i never really focused on the buying bit, it was just lots of fun pulling things down when mum was not looking. Pushing this trolley brought back lots of memories from the past, the amount of fun I had tagging along with mum was not so bad after all. Maybe I did enjoy shopping. Maybe i still do...

We spent a whole 2 hours at Tesco filling the trolley with things. Spent a whole lot of money on food, groceries, sun shade, car air freshner, sweat pants, crushed cherry sparkling juice and lots more. Oh, yeah and black pepper roast chicken! Yummy! which we had fo dinner.

This supermarketing was some fun. It did not turn out so bad which i had in mind when i walked into the shop. I tell you those trolleys have some magic dust in it. I makes you want to come back again!