Friday, September 10, 2004

Korean Barbeque with Steam Boat Delight

Korean Barbeque with Steam Boat Delight

Its late, im tired and im full. I had an exciting dinner with my cousins as we had korean bbq with steam boat delights. I must say its alot of work we have to do cooking our food before we get to eat them.

Korean bbq is a unique barbeque that is similar to what we eat in a steam boat, only its not steamed its grilled! So in the middle of the table there is a steam boat, and around it a grill made out of foil. So you either grill or steam. The choice is yours. So tonight, we had loads of fishballs, too fo balls, corn, wantons, crabmeat, beef, lamb chop, prawns, chicken, lettuce, kangkung, and lots more at a a place called RESTORAN HOT POT in Taman Megah. We arrived there at 6.30pm, and then we got messy cooking on the grill, steaming stuff in the middle. Was just a matter of cooking what you want to eat. Its so funny that the whole table is cooking, when usually one cook cooks for the rest of the table. So whatever happened to "too many cooks will spoil the soup"?

Anyways it was a fun evening, i must say i have never returned so gay and full after being splatterd by the little bits of hot water from the steam boat, and being sticky, sweaty and oily. Hah! the amount of crazy things we Malaysians do! So that is a complete korean bbq with steam boat delight.

So bloggers when we going out malaysian-style for a korean bbq with steam boat? Im just craving for more wicked fun we can have cooking!