Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dr Love

Dr Love

This past week has just been filled with loads of conflicts in love and relationships. Today I play the role of Dr Love. Dr Love who is running short on remedies. Never had to deal with these many problems before. Let me share some situations with you.

Problem 1: Ahmad really likes Rachel, and having some hints from close friends that she liked him, made the effort to confess this to her. Having done so, she turns him down saying she liked someone else. Ahmed now feels confused and hurt, and afraid of what would happen if this mysterious other person happened to be his friend. He may have to exile himself from the group to 'save face'.

Problem 2: Jasmine has been dreaming of her dream guy Pradeep, waiting patiently that some day he would ask her out, often day-dreaming of him. One day she hears rumours from various people about Pradeep, advising her to keep away from him. Now Pradeep goes and asks her out to the upcoming ball. In a daze she says yes, but is not sure after hearing all these rumours. This is her dream guy, could he be so bad after all?

Problem 3: Sameer falls madly in love with Jasminder, who comes from a pure punjabi family who values traditions like a goddess. Sameer says he has never felt so much in love before. After only a few days of sneaking behind her parents back, going out, her mum comes to know about it, and threatens to tell her friend Carry's mum about Carry's relationship with her boyfriend Paul who is also kept in secret if Jasminder refuses to break up with Sameer. Jasminder and Carry are best friends.

Problem 4: Steve and Kelly have been going out for 5 years. One day Kelly walks in on Steve kissing Dave, his soccer buddy. Kelly is wondering if that meant her relationship is over, or could Steve just be foolin around?

Problems, many for a week. There are 7 other problems might I conclude. Although these are the striking ones. Never have I played Dr Love before, and this is starting to be alot of fun although the doctor is running short on remedies. Feel free to assist Dr Love on any of this problems. She needs your help! So start studying on medical love...

(names have been altered to prevent conflicts and protect each individuals reputation)