Wednesday, March 30, 2005



Yesterday, Romeo said that people whose star sign is a taurus are the most commanding powerful and forceful people. What could he have meant by that? How do I interpret this sentence? Can I take it literally?

I am a Taurus. Does this mean I am commanding, powerful and forceful? These are good characteristics, but they can also be bad ones. I am confused. Would you please explain what it is you do not like and I will try and change for you...

I want to tell you, but I dont know how. I want to whisper it in your ears, but you are so far away. I want to be assured that I am all you want, all you'll ever need, but you still dont know. It is not that easy after all, sometimes you get what you get at the worst of times. Sometimes maybe even deserved well, but that is how life is...

The wind blows a simple tune and that puts me in a serene position, to wonder and hope of life and love... So calm, so silent, so inspiring...

Monday, March 28, 2005

An Improvement

An Improvement

When I was assigned to do a topic I just did not like, I was devastated. The topic, law and morality, a topic with no right or wrong answers just arguments that will get you an A. I was not hoping for anything near an A. I hated topics which were so grey, and this was a grey topic.
The question: Evaluate the view that there are areas of private morality that is not the law's business.

Thats my essay...

I read a book sometime last year entitled "What's so great about America?" by Dinesh D'Souza. I dont usually enjoy reading political books but I read this book from loads of recommendations from friends. Not quite interesting, but struck a thought when writing this essay. Finally, one of these boring political books would come into use. My essay had a couple of quotes from this book. It helped with 50% percent of my work.

Now standing in front of the class under the chilly air-cond making me shiver reading my essay out loud for the class. I finish, then get these comments from the class, that made me puzzle in confusion. I just knew it! This was just not my topic, not my day. Yes it is so, I am easily saddened by critism. My teacher then made her comments, another few that made me draw the line of being confused. I so knew this day was not meant to be. I had all these sad, cold thoughts in my mind. I just felt like crying. I wanted to run...,"A very good essay I would say!" She concluded.

What just happened? Did I miss something? For a moment there I thought I was being debated down to having written such a poor essay, but I was wrong! She liked it! yahoo!!

I know it aint an A, but it is certainly an improvement. From being lost in this topic, to loving it.
I am getting there. There is certainly a God above, who loves me!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dream Moods

Dream Moods

Swifts of wind blow into my ear. The cold weather brings out a gloomy mood. A mood that swings my heart to wonder of life, hope, beauty and love. The melancholy mood helps to remind me of my past, and makes me long for a sip of strawberry hot tea, and curl up in my purple bed spread and dream, dream till I can dream no more...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Welcome to Pizza Hut!

Welcome to Pizza Hut!

Dial 1300-88-2525 at 10.30 am

Welcome to Pizza Hut!
Untuk Bahasa Melayu sila tekan 1
For English press 2
(press 2)

Please be reminded that this call is a charged as a local call.
To make an order press 1
To check on delivery status press 2
(press 1)

Here is our menu, have a pick!
For Masala Chicken press 1
For Veggie Lovers press 2
For Seafood Special press 3
For Hawaiian Chicken press 4
For.... press 5
For.... press 6
For more pizzas press 8
For a side order press 9
*the list never ends
(press 4)

You have chosen Hawaiian Chicken
For Personal pan press 1
For Regular pan press 2
For Large pan press 3

You have chosen Regular pan Hawaiian Chicken pizza.
For stuffed crust press 1
For regular crust press 2
(press 1)

You have chosen Stuffed crust regular pan Hawaiian Chicken pizza
For cheese crust press 1
For sausage and carrot crust press 2
For golden cheese crust press 3
For.... press 4
For.... press 5
*the list never ends
(press 1)

You have chosen Stuffed cheese crust regular pan Hawaiian Chicken pizza
Would you like to make another order with that?
Yes press 1 (its a whole new long list)
No press 2
(press 2)

Finally a telephonist speaks,
Your name: .....
Phone number:.....

Ok, So your ..... from .....(address)
You have ordered a Stuffed cheese crust regular pan Hawaiian Chicken pizza

Your total is RM 25.30. Please provide exact change.
Your pizza will arrive in 30 minutes.
It is now 10.35am, your pizza will arrive at 11.30am.

Thank You for calling Pizza Hut!

(hangs up)

We are so caught up with the flight of new technology today that we tend to be technical in our work. Just to order a simple pizza I took a whole 5 minutes. Imagine those who are not familiar to the names of Pizza's at Pizza Hut, they would have to recall the names and the numbers. We have trouble memorizing history, now why would we want to take this long list of pizzas and numbers up. At no point of this call can you return to the beginning. The only way to change your order without having to wait to the very end of the call is to hang up and start dialing again.

What happen to the old traditional, yet quicker way to order a pizza through a telephonist? If we are going to be so technical, then why do we still have a telephonist at the end of the call asking for your name and number? I think we pay too much tax, for so little labour work. Not to mention the long phone bill.

It's about time we start to acknowledge the fact that technology should only be applied to benefit another instead of slowing the work process. I agree that this automatic phone ordering system is a new technology, but it should only be applied to company's with much less things to say. After all the idea is to quicken the ordering process, not show how fluent Pizza Hut is at a language.

Plus notice, I ordered a pizza at 10.35am and it is said to only arrive at 11.30am. The line before states that my pizza will arrive in 30 minutes. Is it just me, or can Pizza Hut count? Well turns out Pizza hut only opens at 11am. So why keep their phone line on at 10.35am? Can't they just say:

"Welcome to Pizza Hut!"
"Im sorry but our phone lines are only open at 11am"
(hang up)

The problem arises simply because we try to be so technical with the way things work, that we don't stop to realise how it benefits our customers. What are your views on this system?

This is one heck of a ordering process. So it better taste good!

A Million Dollar Closet

A Million Dollar Closet

I sat and watched Oprah Winfrey today. The day's title:Oprah auctions her closet. Yes, that's right; people were biding for her beautiful designer gowns and accessories. All collections went to charity. Some of her gowns were sold at top prices like $8500 for a stunning red silk gown, which she wore at party at the White House. She also had a garage sale of more than 1 million dollar worth straight from her closet. All these clothes were of great designers only for such cheap prices. Like this Ralph Lauren Suit at only $70! That is fantastic! Walk into Ralph Lauren, and the cheapest suit are at $1000, walk into Oprah's closet and purchase one at only $70. Biddings are still going on at Ebay starting tomorrow morning for 10 days.

All you Oprah Winfrey fans and Designer wear people, this is a place you should be at. Don't miss it! Log on to Ebay tomorrow morning and get your designer wears. All proceeds go to charity.

Oh how I wish, that one day I could do something so big for charity like auctioning off my wardrobe. Unfortunately bloggers, I can't as my closet aint a million dollar one but hey, I am only 18! Give me a few years, and you'll see a blog inviting you for my auction.


Saturday, March 19, 2005



My dear friend Gossip,

My life is not about me,
its all about you!
All my past, my history
told as something brand new.

The love to recall my past,
was an aimed target,
to mocking a single cast
for a confused Malayalee to regret.

Why am I disturbed
with this act that you do?
Have I not studied and read
your character like you do?

I can't run away, as you
will continue to haunt,
as long as I am Malayalee,
my life story will be flaunt.

So like I said,
My life is not about me,
its all about you!

Yours truly,
an innocent confused Malayalee

Monday, March 14, 2005

Why did I dream of you last night?

Why did I dream of you last night?

Why did I dream of you last night?
Now morning is pushing back hair with grey light
Memories strike home, like slaps in the face;
Raised on elbow, I stare at the pale fog
beyond the window.

So many things I had thought forgotten
Return to my mind with stranger pain:
- Like letters that arrive addressed to someone
Who left the house so many years ago.

- Philip Larkin -

Why did I dream of you last night? The roaring winds call me to awake in silence. I walk towards the rustling sound coming from a dark corner of my house, the abandoned balcony- the only part of my house that is not painted purple due to some silly feng shui belief. I walk with curiousity wondering what lay there that wait for me. I step into the dark and cold balcony, I feel the chills of the wind getting to me.

"Arghhhh!!!" I scream suddenly looking at her staring straight back at me filled with anger, hatred, and... guilt. It was as if she was trying to tell me something. Something I needed to know. Something she knew I did. Something I was hiding, that could ruin me. The possibillities just multiply clouding my thoughts. Everthig starts to spin, I did not know what was happening. I am filled with so much shame and guilt and she knew what I had done. "No!!!"

I find myself lying on the dusty wooden floor of my balcony. I get up and notice a tall mirror with a crack on it standing in front of me. She was still standing there looking at me. Why was she there? Why did I dream of you last night? Who are you and what do you want from me?

Suddenly I knew who she was. She was a reflection of a cold me, so cold filled with anger, shame, and guilt. Why was she here to remind me of all this?

Why did I dream of you last night?

(This story is fictional, so dont get any weird ideas!) Guilt Haunts...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wishing hard

Wishing hard

I gripped my purple pilot shaker mechanical pencil hard. It was so hard to concentrate on what lay in front of me, my literature notes on poetry. I must say poetry was something that always appealed to me. I loved the style of expressing one's feeling through poetry. Sometimes even sad feelings can be so passionately read that it moves the readers mind and touches their heart. Off course it is still based on how the reader interprets it.

This was different though. This was not reading the poem or interpreting it, this was reading a guideline on how to interpret a poem using the right words, style and structure. It was basically what we are required to do at A-levels.

I felt the head ache taking over my body. I just could not get the reason of which we had to learn these terms. I felt my head start to spin, and the veins start to throb, and my vision blurry. What was happening to me? I closed my eyes, and just wished that the unseen poetry test we had tomorrow would be cancelled. After a brief pause, I opened my eyes, looked at the sheet of paper that lay just before me. I could not go through the reading. I had to close it. It just was not my day to read notes. I felt pain in me, as if I could not understand why I would have to go through this mental block since I do love poetry. I wished there would be no writing tomorrow, I wished hard, and fell asleep.

The next morning I rush to class, already 10 minutes late. As I arrive at college, I see a friend standing there looking dumb. Obviously wishing he had more sleep. As he looks at me, he says," class is cancelled!" I stood there at that moment wondering to myself if I was responsible for that. Wow! Did my wish really come-true? Was class cancelled because I wished that it would?

Sometimes wishing hard can change things the way you want it to, but then again there must be someone kind enough to grant these wishes true. Maybe it is just I. Maybe its just coincidence or maybe I have some kind of power, a power to conquer, and to change...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lack of Water vs Lack of Oxygen

Lack of Water vs Lack of Oxygen

I got myself involved in a debate over a friendly conversation with a friend of mine last week. The topic was Lack of Water vs Lack of oxygen. This debate only started because I had said that "80% of your headache's today are due to lack of water!" The line my mother always uses on me when I get little aches and pains. I was strongly opposed by my friend, as he believed that if it was 80%, it had to be lack of oxygen and not water.

Water is a fundamental part of our lives. It is easy to forget how completely we depend on it. Human survival is dependent on water . Water has been ranked by experts as second only to oxygen as essential for life, but that does not prove that most of your problems today are due to lack of oxygen.

Our bodies are not designed for low levels of oxygen, such as 20%, harmful toxins accumulate in our blood streams, cells, tissues, and organs, thus we still need water to clear these harmful toxins. We can live for weeks without food, for days without water; but we can only live for minutes without oxygen! As you read this post, you can live for at least another hour without having something to eat or drink, but if you do not breathe, you will fall off your chair and die within minutes.

This is all true, but my argument my friend is that "80% of your problems today are due to lack of water" Yes, we do need oxygen to survive, but most of our little aches and pains are not due to lack of oxygen but water.

I open this post to my fellow bloggers, you decide! water or oxygen? Which will it be? Start the debates.