Sunday, August 22, 2004

What would i do with my estate?

What would i do with my estate?

This post is the question i answered in "moral studies" LAN exam i had today. An interesting question, i would say that seeked alot of attention to those who were not so well read (lol). The question: What would you do to your estate, following by your death to greatly benefit humanity, even if it would mean leaving your family with not a single penny? Would you do it? Why?

Before i start, nope this is not a will. It is something i want to do, which i feel i should do, but not sure yet if i can do, because if i do, it might hurt my loved ones.

I would give my entire estate for the use of legal aid, following by my death. I am well aware of the many issues relating with minorities who here i refer to as the poor. Every day we open the newspapers, only to find cases on minorities being wrongly accused by the law. As a law student myself, i know the great difficulty the government under goes to preserve justice among its citizens. Then why is it that so many cases stop half way with the minority owing a great debt. Simply because of their financial situation! Yes the goverment, is supposed to offer legal aid to those in need, but today there are just too many cases for the government to handle. The government does not provide for everyone, but is limited to certain amount. Most lawyers today can be said to be rather selfish in situations involving legal aid. They raise their prices because the know the government pays. By doing so, the government would not have enough to cover all the legal aid cases for the year as for the lack of money.

We see so many innocent poor people today who are accused wrongly. They cannot fight for their rights, as fighting would involve the need for money. Many cases, like child abuse and, criminal cases often go unheard, and the victims, only suffer more. So how does justice prevail here? I would love to see justice among citizens, but i alone cannot do much. All i can do when i die, is to donate my entire estate towards legal aid. Hopefully with the little i have, some cases can be heard.

As for family, i do not leave them with none. Yes they might not get a single penny, but they will receive God's blessing as God has seen his servants kindness to help one another. As a christian i believe God rewards those who do good. I might not be alive to receive his blessings, but those blessings will go to my family, my loved ones. After all, blessings are more important to me than money. Money can buy you a house, but not a home.

Therefore, this is what i want to do,i feel i should do, not sure if i would do because if i do, it could hurt my loved ones. Well bloggers i am signing out with one thing for you to remember, money aint everything!

(this is just a brief adaption from my essay. The real thing is 500 words long.)