Saturday, September 11, 2004

Toothbrush mania!!!

Toothbrush mania!!!

Do you remember how it feels to first brush your teeth after buying a new toothbrush? Spiltery, splatery, splat! The amount of noise a new tooth brush makes is amazing.

I just bought a new purple colour(who would have not known) colgate tooth brush yesterday. Its so pretty on the outside but when i used it to brush the inside of my teeth, i figured it makes a whole lot of noise, louder than the two of my brothers put together. Now i wonder why? I did a quick research on the web today, and found no such thing as a tooth brush being noisy unless it was an electronic one. hmmmm. So why did mine make noise? Its hard bristles stared at me as i opened my big mouth. And then "chomp" it had dissappeared into my mouth. As i start brushing, the noise gets louder and louder. Now was my tooth brush trying to talk to me? or was it the tooth brush boogie man after the candy i ate last night?

After a few seconds of brushing i realised that the noise was the knocking of the hard bristles against my teeth. What can i say? Its a new tooth brush, so its gotta have hard bristles. =)

Well, good morning everyone! That was my lil tooth brush mania!