Thursday, January 17, 2008


You are like a tattoo,
I let you in my life,
and the love hurts,
and its impossible to erase you.

and the only way possible,
will hurt me a million times more.

So Ill keep the tattoo and spare the hurt.

I'll do it for you

I feel alone, in a room filled with people.
This feeling of content that I cant seem to locate.
Being away from you,
just makes everything seem worse.

Deep under the moonlit sky,
I dream of kissing you,
the blackened trees shadows
the mystery of the night.

who am I kidding?

you aren't by my side....
though I wish you were...

everday longing to see you fall in love with me,
all over again...

why wont you fall in love with me?
why do you keep doing the things
that you know will drive me away?
why baby, why?

you say you love me...
but baby, do you really mean it?
do you know what love is to me?

what is love to you baby?
is it just a foolish game lovers play?
or is it something with much more responsibility.

I need you to know what you want.
Let's not play pretend.
It's only gonna end up hurting somebody.

I want you.
I want you to know that I want you,
and I wanna love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Im sorry for my shortcomings,
and to make up for it,

I promise to love you,
and to me, the more I fall for you,
the more it helps me become a stronger person.

and baby, I'll do it for you..

This I promise you.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Music speaks and no one listens

I listen to music,
and it speaks to me.
It's telling me a mix of things,
to confuse me.

Music is good.
depending on my mood.
but today it keeps speaking,
of something that I am seeking.

How come it's unfamiliar?
The same song, oh so peculiar?
It seems clear but yet there is depth,
in the meaning it longs to set.

Music speaks and no one listens...
Just like me speaking,
with no listeners...
But you puzzle me as you listen,
but you might just be hearing,
just like the other...

No one listens...