Saturday, August 11, 2007

Once upon a time, you used to smile....

Once upon a time, you used to smile.

Everytime you saw me,
You would have a glow in your face;
like a fresh light bulb telling the world it exists.

Everytime you spoke to me,
You would grin from ear to ear,
while your eyes watched me admiringly;
as if I were an object of perfection,
and as if we were having the perfect conversation.

Everytime you touched me,
My nerves would tremble,
My thoughts go blank,
and I am lost in your world;

Everytime you kissed me,
you made me feel like you wanted me,
that you needed me,
while butterflies kicked inside of me,
I secretly wanted you too...

Everytime I squelled at something cute,
you would quietly let out a laugh,
that told me that you adored me;
like a new kitten that you would wanna keep...

Everytime you hugged me,
I felt a sense of belonging,
and I just want to stay in your arms;
In you arms, I feel safe...

Everytime you said you loved me,
I knew you meant it.
and how I wish you knew,
that I was feeling the same way about you.

Once upon a time, you used to smile,

Now, its different.
Everytime, is once upon a time.

Everytime you see me,
It feels like Im just an obligation,
an obligation that you are forced to please.

Everytime you speak to me,
It feels like you are tired of talking,
then we slowly start arguing,
both of us like bad lawyers,
trying to prove a pointless case...

Everytime you touch me,
you want more of me,
like a simple touch on the hand would mean nothing.
You would need so much of me,
to feel me...

Everytime you kiss me,
its like you want to be in a moment,
a moment that I just cant feel anymore...

When I squelled at something cute,
you told me to grow up,
as if it was something you always hated in me.

Everytime I say I love you,
I wonder if you even hear me;
When I say I need you,
I wonder if you believe me;

Everytime, everytime...

Once upon a time, you used to smile,