Saturday, July 29, 2006

The truth hurts

The truth hurts

To you who wanted to hear me say this

I have changed for the worse.
I cant do anything right anymore.
Im paranoid.
Im insecure.
Im useless and worthless.
Im selfish.
Im horrible.
Im impatient.
I like to be in control.
I cant say anything without hurting others.
I bitch about you behind your back.
I hate my life at the moment.
Dont try and save me, cause Ive drowned.

I have changed for the worse,
and I just cant do anything about it....

It hurts to know I really am so bad.

Have you ever thought that it might have been you instead of me.

Ive said it!

Im weak, and I will not fight.
Im human too, and there is only so much critics I can take, and then I explode...

Sunday, July 16, 2006



My life is in your hands
Whatever you do, I trust you
So take me with you
and do not worry, for with you I will be safe

Take me to the moon and back
Lets float away from gravity
Take me to the deep end of the ocean
Lets dive to the lowest point

For once, take it,
Just take the risk,
take me,
and I will come...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Silent Whispers of the Wind

Silent Whispers of the Wind

The silent whisper of the wind clouds the night
with voices of the past
Reminding me of the night of passion,
the night of romance, and of pleasure...

Red is the colour of the sky at dusk
warm lenghts of brightness
then slowly changing its skin to a softer tone
So we feel like we are on esctacy
and then slowly dying with sheer pleasure
again and again until the night is over.

We hear just silent whispers of the wind,
and the rest is left to two.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ladybird Award

Ladybird Award

About a month ago, I had a competition on my blog for a ladybird award. The title of the blog post was 'If all ladybrids were females, then how do they have babies?'. First and foremost I apologise for the delay of the results. I had to sort a few issues with the owner of the ladybird image and the judges who took ages to get back to me with the results.

A big thank you to the 'LB man' for letting me host his ladybird image as an award and to sandman, chitts, firelady, matthias, and riskydriver, thank you so much for taking your time to judge this competition.

So for the moment we all been waiting for.

The winner of the lady bird award goes to....


Michael Lancelot Rodrigues

with his idea as to how ladybrids have babies

'lolz... herm.. there is a ladybug stork.. who delivers little baby ladybugs to ladybug parents...'

The lady bird award is hosted on my blog and placed right hand task bar with Michael's name on it. It will remain there till another award is won on my blog.

To all the other contestants, thank you so much for participating. All your entries had a little wit in it, and that puts a smile on my face. However there can only be one winner, and here the judges voted that Michael gets the award. Dont worry, there will be loads of competitions on my blog in the future, dont give up, you might win it next time.

Love yall bloggers. Thanks for your continuing visits to my blog.

Peace out.

Monday, July 10, 2006



It is funny how we all revolve around space, time for ourselves, shutting the whole world out just for self content. I hate this word SPACE... I guess to me, when someone is given space, most of time they take advantage on it, in a selfish sense only worrying about him/herself, while taking advantage on it, may sit and hurt others who love you, and have sacrificed everything for you.

Space allows people to think about what they have done, but how many people really do this? Space lets us a person learn to appreciate what they are missing, but at the same time, they learn what they are not missing. Space is just a lie. A lie to get out of a mess you put yourself in, whether it is a physical or mental. Most of the time, its because you are bored, and you need to take a look at another aspect which you can find a wee bit more interesting about a person.

Space is for lonely people. If you are open, you will agree with me, that space is just delayed truth. If there isnt anything to hide, then why do you need space? If you want to look at the bigger picture, then step back. Have you ever realised why the key to that thing to separate words is called SPACE bar? That key deletes the physical and mental connection between the two words. The sentence sounds good, but most of the time one or the other word can be replaced with another word. So in other words, space is like fishing in the sea. Seeing if there is someone out there more compatible for you.

If my theory above is right, then people shouldnt fill others with lies like they love them so much that they will never let them go, they will never do anything to hurt you, and never lie to you, then after saying that go behind your back to what they call SPACE or a time out. To me, that itself is a lie. Space divides people. If you are in a relationship and you are unhappy, then break up, space will not help it, it just makes things worse most of the time. If you want to take this a step further, SPACE and BREAK UP really is the same thing. Fishing in the sea, moving on!

I am for a relationship without Space, if you agree with me then live it and be happy.

Forget about love, if you are lying. Keeping the truth away is the absense of truth. The absense of truth is lie.

To fall in love, I believe in truth from the introduction itself.

"There are no intentions here, so relax and explore your hearts content. Have no expectations coz when a person with no intentions meets a person with no expectations, the introduction couldnt be more honest and pure." - Saira Mohan

After that, build your relationship upon that, HONESTY. Speaking from being in a relationship for 2 and a half years. That is the thing that will keep you strong.

p/s: all this is just my opinion, so you dont have to agree with it.

Monday, July 03, 2006

An acceptable excuse

An acceptable excuse

I got a part in the musical 'Les Miserables', to which I am 'Cossette' and 'Young Cossette'. I am really happy I got a part because it kinda gives me hope that my dreams of doing performing arts may still be alive. My voice sounds adultish, yet sweet (thats what this lady who trained me said) and shaky at high notes. I still am not sure how I landed this role. My biggest worry now, is having to portray a voice of a 7 year old.

Getting this part, to me is a miracle, considering the fact that I was not in a position to sing on the day of auditions. I was upset with someone (you) the day before. So upset that I drank, got myself a little tipsy, and woke up the next day sounding like a bull frog. Note to everyone out there, day before audition, dont drink. Warming up in the morning was a real killer. Firstly, because the average human being's voice is only warmed up by noon everyday. Secondly, having alcohol in your system, gets your voice warmed up hours after the average. Auditions was at 10 am. I was so upset, I remember tearing 30 minutes before it began. Thankfully, I did a million scales of warming up, that brought my voice back up very close to its best. For some reason, I did not sound too bad at the audition, and I landed the role I wanted.

Yet, something still annoyed me. The fact that you werent there for me. You knew how important this audition meant to me, and you just made me upset, that I drank, and made it difficult for me to audition, and the next day, you weren't even there to support me.

I collected my results on the same day. You promised you'd be there, but you were not. However, I did fairly well and I should be proud of myself, instead of fretting the fact that you were not there.

Right now, you make me sound so paranoid. After everyone reads this, they are gonna think I am super paranoid!

Sometimes there just isnt any acceptable excuses but saying 'I am sorry'.