Saturday, April 18, 2009

I love...

I love walking through an avenue with trees that let their hands hold each other.

I love the tulips that sit in the beer bottles, they sit by my window.

I love that you love my room.

I love the feeling of the minute before an exam is over.

I love the sound of a classical guitar with French strings.

So tensed, yet so exciting,

Just like the moments I spend with you.

I love doodling on coffee house napkins, leaving my mark behind.

I love chocolates that have a face that smile, they just make me smile.

I love daisies, they are the happiest flowers in the world,

smiling because there is just so much to smile about when there is you.

I love dressing in a suit, putting my hair into a bun.

It puts me in character.

I love that I need my berries and yoghurt in the morning,

and that you always have them at yours.

I love dreaming about things I want to do,

and talking about how they are going to come true,

and I love that you love to dream too.

I love being in photos,

and dressing to make a memory,

especially when they are taken and made by you.

I love listening to a song,

which you know the lyrics to.

And I love it when you try to sing,

you make me want to sing too.

I love reading quotes from people with interesting thoughts.

and I love to quote them in conversations.

I also love that you love to do this too.

I love that I love everything about being with you,

simply because I do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Into You

I like it when the stars fall
into my eyes
when I gaze at them.

I like it when the waves flow
into my ears
when I listen to them.

I like it when a flower blooms
its scent rubs on my nose
when I smell them.

I like it when a strawberry crushes,
squeezing the taste onto my toungue
as I taste them.

I like it when you look at me,
you look into my eyes,
and you see my soul.

I like it when you touch me,
you touch every bit of me,
leaving me only wanting more...

I like it.