Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hash Clothes Modelling...

Hash Clothes Modelling...

Apologise for the late posts! I lost my mind in the past two days, and was on writers block. Anyways, updates!

Monday a pretty busy day, as i, yes me modelled hash clothes. Another one of those stunning dinner and dance nights where they have the traditional fashion shows. This time in hash clothes (very casual attire, hashers usually wear eg. Shorts, bandana, and t-shirts). I must say this is a very different type of fashion show as its very much more casual than the usual.

The first round i was styling a spaggetti strap, and hash shorts. Yes, i know i look awfully thin in a spaggetti strap, but it wasnt so exposed anyways, as i had a palm leaf in front of my face. This round was to show us running the hash. Quite different, but nice. Ths music we walked to was Dragostea Din Tei by Ozone. Its a very different unique techno track which you will get attracted to if you listen to it that you will want to hear it over and over again. Trust me, im stuck on it.

Round two, got me out styling a rugged jeans, with a large t-shirt, bandana, and shades. Now this gives in a cool chick look as they tied my t-shirt exposing my tummy. The truth, i have no tummy(thanks to jogging everyday).

Third outfit, hmmm...this is interesting as it was merely just a piece of cloth wrapped around my body, more commonly known as sarong. Now they tied in a very different way, something very beach like. Now girls, this makes you feel very sexy, as your basically in a towel llike thing.

Round four, where we had to escort the grand masters, and the chairmans up the stage to make their final bow. Here we styled an evening gown. Mine was a green gown, with little black beads. Very lovely. All the pictures below are of me with the other models after the show.

This is Ashvina, me and Ameet in our evening gowns and suit.

This is me, Ashvina, Matthew, and Aunty Kate(the lady who helped us with the changing)

Me and Ash, the two female models out of the other four guys.

This is the design the boys had on thier heads. This model is Samreet.

All the others who modelled with me are Ashvina, Ameet, Matthew, Samreet and Rajey. Nice working with you guys!