Saturday, April 30, 2005

Angels hang out again!

Angels hang out again!

I went out with Jess and Ham today. Been a long time since the three of us hung out. You would expect us, being known as the "Charlies Angels" to hang out together all the time, but I guess we are all busy in our own work, whether it is study, work, or even family. We went for lunch and then a movie, "the pacifier". After which we went to do a little shopping for a wallet. Now I am not a fan of shopping, a boys best friend when it comes to shopping. I only shop when I need something.

Our close friend, Matt, who joined us on this hang out and was caught to be extremely bored of us girls going in and out of shops looking for a wallet and most of the time coming out empty handed. Lucky for him and I, we had Ham who knew mid valley at the tip of her fingers. Just name the shop, and she would be able to give you the exact location of it as well as what it sells. That cuts down the number of shops we have to check out. We spent a good 3 hours together, and after having no luck at getting a nice reasonably priced wallet we decided to leave.

It was a nice, short hang out, with a great movie (you have to watch it!) and I enjoyed it. It was an Angel's hang out and as for Matt, he could play the charming, sexy Bosley for today . That tops up an episode of the Charlies Angels get together.


Friday, April 29, 2005

Birthday Showers

Birthday showers

Its my birthday today, and to mark this day I would receive showers, which i prefer to call showers of blessings. Yes, thats right! Every year on the 28th of April in Malaysia, it will rain. It's ironic, how I know this fact, and still had lots of pool parties in the past years which most, get ruined by the birthday rain. Maybe I was born on a rainy day and rain was something I should love? Unfortunately, I dont fancy rain at all. All it does is ruin my perfectly straight mouisturised hair. Rain is good on hot days, but it still ruins my hair.

Its funny how hair texture and condition can change with a little rain water. Rain water is not water you should wash your hair with. It does not contain enough minerals as the water we get in the bathroom. Today, the rain that pours down is also filled with acid. Hence, your hair is easily damaged by it. So for those of you who love playing in the rain, know what your getting your hair in for.

Enough of disaster pool parties, next year onwards I will be having rain coat parties. Bring a rain coat, and lets have some fun in the rain without getting our hair wet. Dont believe this fact? Check it out, there are loads of statistics on the net regrading weather reports on months and days in the past years. You would note that every year in Malaysia on April 28th it rains!

"Rain down on me!"

Monday, April 25, 2005

Fashionably late

Fashionably late

I woke up early this morning. I spent a whole half an hour in the shower stoned, still half asleep. I forced myself to get ready, wondering why I had to go for class so early. I found something to eat- bulls-eye with some toast. A small meal to start the day. Realizing the time, I headed straight for college, rushing so I could get a nice carpark right under the old tall trees that provided my car with shade.

Upon arriving, I found a lovely parking space under the old tall trees which I had hoped for. Parked. Walked to the shuttle bus stop, shuttles my college offers for students to shuttle to other blocks easily. Thank God for the shuttle buses, or else we would have to either walk like a couple of kilometers or park at the respective blocks and be charged a bomb on parking fees. Its by the hour there. At the main block we use student coupons which makes things convenient for us students. I got onto the shuttle. Not too crowded today, maybe it was because I was early. I actually managed to get a seat in the shuttle. Enjoying the breeze of the polluted air of Kuala Lumpur, started to wake me up a little better. I was now more alert of what I was going to do next. Go for class.

I got to my block. Only to realize that law class had been cancelled. Frustrated, I walk up to the library to do some reading as my next class was only at 10am. It was now only 8am. I read for about an hour. Then I get a rather frustrating SMS telling me that English literature class was cancelled too. What a day to come to college? I am not usually the early sort, never punctual. Today I made the effort to be punctual, punctual for nothing but a waste of time. I had to head back now. It was frustrating after making such an effort, the effort was useless. Maybe I am meant to be fashionably late? That's the new trend....

Saturday, April 23, 2005

It’s your birthday dad!

Its your birthday dad!

Its early, and the sun is about to rise
from the hills that spread news like a flashing light
flashing, flashing, so the world will know
know that my dad has turned 56 today!

Over the hill many say, "Old man already!"
Age will always be age. No doubt on that.
He may be a year older, but he is still the same,
The same ol dad I always had,
The same ol dad who always looked young,
to me of course, he is young at heart,
and thats for sure, never failed to entertain,
always on the run, catching up with the latest movies,
just like we teenagers do.

Age is one thing, but the person is another.
My dad will always be young at heart,
My dad will always be my hero,
as he has caught me in his arms on the day I was born,
He is, and will always be my Dad
My one and only Dad, no man can put a stop to that.

So daddy dearest this poem I wrote,
Is a tribute to you on this beautiful day.
May God Continue to bless you always.
I love you daddy!
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lime bubble baths

Lime bubble baths

It is such a hot and sticky day. Standing in the kitchen, the east, just feels like I will melt in no time. I could do with a nice cold lime bubble bath with ice cubes in it. Oh, what a sensational feeling! I know it seems funny that i mention cold and bubble bath in the same sentence, when bubble baths are usually nice and warm, not for a hot day like this though. Let me tell you a little about lime bubble baths.

Lime bubble baths originated from Chennai, India in the late 80's. Mr Kochi Nair, the founder of lime bubble baths did some research on the effects of fruits on our skin and found that lime was one of the most outstanding fruits for its strong acidic qualities. This fruit has a pH level of 6.0-7.0. This level is an adequate level for good skin. Mr Nair enjoyed soaking in bubble baths as the heat in Chennai can be really hot up to sometimes 42+ degrees. After studying this fruit, noticing its qualities of purity, and its cooling effect, he decided to try adding lime as an essence for his bubble bath. "Never was there a more cooling day in my life!" he concluded after taking the bubble bath with freshly squezzed limes.

Lime is commonly used for skin cleansing in India. More popularly used for facials. It is cleansing, cooling, and natural. Today lime salts have been invented for practical use in a bubble bath. It produces the same effect of freshly squezzed limes, only here we just pop in a few salts instead of squezzing a hundred limes. It is truly one hell of a cooling experience.

Try it yourself! Next time you can't take a hot day, just pop a lime salt into your tub and soak!
(Without the ice cubes off course, unless you want to experience a cool numb effect when you get out, then by all means please do.)

Monday, April 18, 2005

Buy me now...

Buy me now...

I miss you.
I haven't seen you in days
Yet how often do I see you,
to cherish those tiny moments.
You work to feed me
often till the wee hours of the night,
that I hardly see you, saddens me,

Yet I still miss you
and wait for you to buy me now
buy me now with love,
not with money.
all I ask is for some time

My birthday is in two weeks,
but I wonder if you'll remember
wihout being reminded.
The best gift a child could receive
is the gift of your loving time.
Spend some time with me,
thats all I ask.
So buy me now with love
buy me now with your time
buy me now before it gets too late,
when time can buy no more.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Gamelan Experience

A Gamelan Experience

The distinctive sounds from the gamelan drums got my utmost attention. It was something I had heard before. A sound only produced by the gamelan drums. Last night I went and watched Monkey Business, a show on gamelan music at the Actors Studio, Bangsar. It was a brilliant show, with acts all put together with the gamelan. Loads of issues can be raised in gamelan, such as homosexuality, isolation and freedom. Some of the scenes in Monkey Business were quite disturbing yet some superb.

A gamelan is an ensemble normally composed primarily of percussions. It is comprised of an orchestra of tuned gongs, bronze kettles, bronze metallophones, bamboo xylophones, drums, cymbals and flutes that fill the night air with animated music. Melodic parts interlock, divided in such a way that musicians play alternate notes to form the melody line. These interlocking parts, known as kotèkan, require cooperation and a keen sense of rhythm to perform. The two parts of a kotèkan, which are thought of as male and female, are known as "nyangsih" and "polos". The main accents of the nyangsih part are usually on the offbeat, while the main accents of the polos part are usually on the beat.

Gamelan is truly an experience. You must hear it, to know it. It has such a distinctive sound, that you would not mistake it for any other instrument. No other drum produces such a sound. It is music that moves the soul easily and alters the mood. I certainly enjoyed Monkey Business and hope to go for another Gamelan performance just like this. Monkey Business, directed by Krishen Jit was not just the traditional sounds of Gamelan but a few new experiments with the chinese drums and different styles of playing the Gamelan. Double trouble, double the fun!

Have you ever heard Gamelan? Start surfing the net for audio clips. Maybe you would be able to enjoy the tunes too... Go all out for a gamelan experience!

Friday, April 01, 2005



The waves are noisy fingers,
busy sketching their thoughts,
tickling the sand.

bubbling with delight that
it is revealed secret shells,
curiously coloured...