Friday, August 18, 2006

Happiness as a word

Happiness as a word

Yes, the purple cat went silent for a while now. She has been laying low, and was little down, but she is much better now.

I am now working at Coffee Bean Sri Hartamas as a barister, and work has been good. I really enjoy the company of my team members, and random regular customer chats which only last for about 3-5 minutes, but nonetheless, its nice. Guess, Its just in my nature. I love socialising. I love working with people. The Food and Beverage line (FNB) is a very interesting line to work in especially since I am studying nothing closely related to it, law. However, with a few customer complaints and office politics that did occur, I realised that the field I am in, law, could perhaps be used in the FNB line,for the better benefit of the company. Maybe in the future, I would consider owning an outlet of my own, as well as taking care of the legal aspects involved in it. It be fun, since I really enjoy my job.

Anyways, I thought I'd blog you'll a question posted by one of our regular customers today, which was, what is the meaning of the word happiness?

It seems like a rather easy word to not know the exact meaning. However, although there is a dictionary meaning to the word, I believe that happiness is a perspective and that it would differ from one person to the other. It was nice hearing my team members say what happiness meant to them. For some strange reason, sharing opinions of this word really made us all feel the word.

So here I am posting this question to youll. Share with us, what happiness means to you?

and ill tell you mine, in the next post...

till then..