Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rotten Kiwi

Rotten Kiwi

I ate a rotten Kiwi fruit today! I have never come across a rotten kiwi fruit before. Have you? (and dont give the fact that all fruits rot)

The kiwi fruit looks pretty much the same as the rotten one would look like only when cut, it is of a darker green inside. It looks very elegant. Not fungus green, but a leafy green. Very warm, and lovely. Wonder why it looks prettier when its rotten. Another one of Gods mysterious creations.

Kiwi fruit has a sourish taste with a dash of jelly like sweetness. However when it is rotten, it maintains its jelly like sweetness with a strong bitter-sour taste. What a weird taste to have in the morning. It sure woke me up!

Neways, Im off dinner. Just felt like telling you about my weird kiwi fruit incident which happened this morning, and tog ive you some absolutely useless facts about rotten kiwi fruits.