Sunday, February 20, 2005

Birthdays to remember

Birthdays to remember

I went for a 1 year old birthday party today. It has been sometime since a kids party. Don't kids birthday parties just bring so much joy to one? It seems as if as we grow older, we forget how to have so much fun. With a simple birthday party, yet quite a happening one. The clown, the balloons, the ice cream, the games, the decorations, the funny parents running after their little ones, and the cake.

Yes the cake! Do you remember how your first birthday cake looked like? Wasn't it the best one you've had? Well at least for me, it was the nicest one i've had. It was lavender with purple flowers on it. On my 16th birthday, my parents actually tried to re-live that and yeah, the cake looked similar. But isn't it funny how as we grow older our birthday cakes just become dull. The cake I had today was this 4 floors noah's ark cake filled with loads of animals on it with two outstanding giraffes topping the cake. That was a lovely cake, which was very hard to cut as everyone was saying how beautiful it was that no one wanted to cut it! Think about it, as we grow older, our cakes are not usually so exciting as our first birthday ones were.

A party with kids running here and there, just everywhere, playing games, blowing bubbles, amazed at the clown's tricks, eating cake, rushing for the ice cream and torturing the poor dog. Those were the good old days. Today it is very much different. Yes, we have the kids running everwhere playing games, and blowing bubbles, but there is the get together to bully the clown because he looks silly, smashing cakes, scared of the dog and not want ice cream. The little things from my observation.

Although i must say, they still know how to have fun. They still play games my great grandmother used to play which still brings so much thrill in their faces. Musical chairs, Pass the parcel, Statue dance, newspaper lover, and the famous chicken dance! Games that have been here for centuries. Games that still bring smiles to faces. Oh how I wish I was still a kid and when I say kid I mean 5 years and below. At least then you are entitled to no rules what so over.

So how come we dont still have parties with these games? It may not seem so happening to say pass the parcel, but just watch the smiles on people faces when the parcel is being passed. Its complete irony on how people can say "oh not another kids party-not happening lar!" Well i guess that is for you to decide. A kids party seems like the perfect party to have in my opinion. Re-live your childhood! You cant turn back time, but you can certainly re-live it!