Sunday, June 08, 2008

Moving on

I finally finished my law degree.
Im home. (or at least it's where my family lives)

It has been so different.
The place looks the same.
Nothings changed.
the billboard still parading the event that took place 3 years ago,
the mamak man still making food in the heat,
the forces still taking bribes,
the heat, still ridiculous.

But now I feel something missing.
Has the world moved on without me?
Did the tiger roar when everyone was sleeping?

Why wont he fight for me?

The one that makes me happy,
now chooses to keep his distance,
and draw his own path on the ground.

Gone are the days when he went out of the way, just to see me.
gone are the days when he did not care about anything, unless if it was about me.
gone are those days....

now everything is different...

and I have to make a decision as to what it is I want to do about it.

As of today, I will return to the UK in exactly 3 months. Yes I booked my ticket today.
I cant stop thinking whether I am worth the fight? coz I would have given up a long time ago....

I cant decide. I dont want to.