Sunday, April 25, 2010

Voice of an Angel

He falls asleep in my arms,
to me singing summer time.
In a low key - he finds comfort,
resting his head for some time.

"Voice of an Angel" - I put on the album,
and let Charlotte soothe him.
He awakes as I do not hum.
Looking at me, he remains calm.

Sitting in my arms
in deep contemplation,
of the face behind the voice.

Astounded and marvelled.

He remains still,
music makes him happy.

Note:I wrote this watching my bunny, Mambo listen to Charlotte Church for the very first time. Music makes him calm. He loves it. Wish I captured it on video.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

London Underground

In the underground,
travelling is a culture.

Click clacks everywhere.
Walking in haste.
Ipod's playing crazily.
Timeless classics in hands,
and now even in ears.

Mother with child,
pushing a stroller-chair,
hoping someone friendly
would help them down the stairs.

Like a time-bomb, minutes go-by,
in the underground.
Any delay or standby,
has a frustrating effect.
Each train operating at the heart beat of another.
like the blood running through our veins.
A single block can cause infinite problems.

Never have I seen such an amazing transporting system,
connecting us to every part of the city,
making travelling achievable,
creating new possibilities,
drawing out a brand new culture.

Now we can stay connected.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Her eyes

As I gently draw the purple curtains,
her deep set eyes open.
Blue as the evening sea,
and grey as a cloudy sky.

She looks and thoughts fill her mind.

In awe, she remains calm.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Two hearts

The sound of hearts beat.
Two hearts.
One fast - like a chugging train.
the other one faster - like a race horse.

The clock ticks,
at the labour ward.

Across the hall you hear,
the screams of a woman,
the constant military like encoragement,
and a baby cries,
crying as it awakes into a brand new world.

I see the look on her face,
fear slipping in,
flooding her mind with traumatic thoughts,
panicking - just a little.

Sudden pain steps in,
blocking out all worries,
and for a minute or so,
she can think of nothing else,
but the pain.

The pain - unbearable.
Every second influencing her,
to succumb to an anaesthetic drug.
Although against the idea,
she frees herself from the pain.

Epidural - the world's most useful drug.

Injecting its way into her body,
numbing her waist down,
easing the pain, almost immediately.

She sleeps...
dreaming of what is to come,
dreaming of meeting her baby for the first time.

Hearts beat.

Hours pass and slowly the pain returns,
this time bearable.

20 hours of pain, discomfort, nausea, anxiety, fear, and impatience...

Finally using every bit of energy in her,
she pushes in a hurry to meet her baby...

For a moment, both hearts stop beating.
One in unbelievable shock,
the other in awe at the sight of a brand new world.

Breaking this moment,
the baby cries...

Holding her baby in her arms for the first time,
she relaxes,
and baby's crying eases.

Mother and baby,
at the comfort of each other,
close their eyes and rest.

Two hearts beating together.

- end-

I witnessed a birth for the first time a few days ago. It was a new experience.
I wrote this poem for the new mother...

Monday, March 01, 2010


My pulse is beating rapidly
beads of sweat form on my brow.
my shirt - untucked.

I pick a steel glass of ice water,
and pour it down my shirt.
the water flows down my body,
numbing each part it touches.

I turn up my I tunes player,
a glass of chilled white wine in hand,
I close my eyes,
and let my mind wander,
into a world of unimaginable peace,
free from the world's worries,
free from emotional pain,
free from the unmanageable heat,
and best of all,
free from the workings of my restless mind...

I hear the sound of thunder.
It wakes me.

Time to put on some Rob Thomas and enjoy the rain...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bernada Alba

I picked up jazz ballet dancing 2 months ago. Just thought I'd get creative and do something totally out of my comfort zone.

I've always loved performing arts, but never really went down the dance route. I would take vocal training classes, write, direct plays & musicals and act. However I never really got into dance. Don't really know why either. I think for some reason, my mind told itself that my body isn't capable of being that flexible.

When I think dance, I think ballet. I think Swanlake, the Nutcracker, the Russians. Then later I start thinking of tap and folk dance, like Riverdance, Cats, Michael Flately-Lord of the Dance. All these dances, when watched, seem like they require so much talent. I put on a dance flick like Shall we dance (my favourite), Save the last dance, and Step Up and I honestly used to believe that those dances are only for people in love (I know, pretty cheesy).

I appreciate dance quite a bit. I love chic flicks, but not as much as a dance chic flick. I could watch ballet alone and not mind that I had no company to watch it with. I watch jazz dancing and feel like twirling around. Yet, I never got into it.

So 2 months ago, I decided I'd learn a dance. So I randomly picked Jazz Ballet. To tell you the truth, I only picked that style up because I saw the word 'CATS' in its description. For those of you who are unaware, I have this goal of being in the next production of cats. I'm learning all the dance moves from Cats and then am going to write to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and tell him I did so, all this to be in the next production. Off course, I already know all the vocals by heart.

What is jazz ballet?

It is a form of choreography which contains revolutionized ballet styles and movements usually employed for performance purposes. The dances you see in Cats and Chicago, that sorta thing...

Turns out dance has really been working for me. It really makes me relax, and when I'm on the dance floor - I feel like there isn't anyone left in the world but me and my dancing shoes.

I am totally in love with dancing. I'm even more excited as next week, a very good friend of mine, Ashvina Marie will be starring in this spanish musical called 'Bernada Alba'. It involves a lot of flamenco style dancing. Extremely excited. I am this excited not just because it involves dancing but mostly because Ash is in it. It's been a dream for me to see her in a musical in a large and reputable production. My dream is coming true. She is amazing!

Those of you in Malaysia, go watch Bernada Alba.
It's playing in KLPAC next week onwards.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Small feet

My feet must have shrunk.
My shoes have miraculously gotten bigger,
the same shoe I bought and fit perfectly just 2 weeks ago.

I always had small feet,
not that I mind off course.
(best size- always available in sales)

It is however worrying me;
that my shoes are getting larger,
or my feet is getting smaller.

I can't decide which one it is.
but I am content with my small feet...