Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Birthday Strudle

Birthday Strudle

It is November 9th, 2004! What is so significant of this date? Well, it is Jessica, one of my bestest best friends' 18th birthday. Since it's her birthday, i am gonna dedicate this blog to her.

It's 3.15pm, Jessica walks towards Ali Maju (the hang out mamak at college), stops and turns and gives me that "oh you shouldn't have planned!" stare. Inside sits all her friends filling three tables, and on the table a foot long blueberry strudle with a candle. Yummy! That was our cake for Jessica, as there weren't any good bakerys around, so we thought of a rather messy idea of getting a foot long strudle from Strudles. Well its the thought that counts.

Take a look at the delicious foot long strudle waiting to be eaten.

This is a shot of Ashvina trying to cut the strudle neatly for a nice share

This is a picture of Jess and her friends at the strudle cutting. Jess is the third from the left.

Well thats Jessica's strudle cutting ceremony!
Happy Birthday Jess! Enjoy 18!