Saturday, December 02, 2006

Breathless at 3 am

Breathless at 3 am

This morning, I woke up with a really bad asthma attack. It felt like I was fighting to live. I was wheezing so heavily, and my chest felt so tight. I could hardly think straight. I have not had this bad of an attack since I was 12 years old. My mother rushed me to Pantai, so she could get me on a nebulizer fast so I can breathe.

Lucky for me, Pantai's emergency ward was empty, so I was attended to as soon as I got there. After taking my blood pressure, I was quickly given the nebulizer. While I lay there, breathing through the nebulizer, I was reminded of how scared I used to get when I had attack. This was when I was a child, and did not know any better. I used to be so worried that I would not survive. That I would stop breathing before any help was given to me. Everytime I had an attack I used to think I was a step closer to death, or like a cat, was a losing my nine lives so easily.

Asthma can be a really scary thing especially if you know very little about it. Apparently it is impossible for an asthmatic to die of an asthama attack today, because once just a litte medicine has gone into your body, you are protected. There is not a single small risk of you dying once this happens. You might suffer quite a bit due to difficulties breathing, but you wont die. Now thats a real relief. I still wonder, how they can guarantee you that your life is protected with heavy dosed drugs. Guess that might be a reason why, I never stepped into the science stream. Science is about proof, but I believe in exceptions.

Well anyways, I should get some rest now. Will keep you guys posted with my quiries of life and the things that happen around me. Thank you for bookmarking my blog.