Thursday, August 19, 2004

Add Math Puzzle

Add Math Puzzle

Mathematiclly sounding crazy. Isnt it funny how when you teach a subject you tend to understand it better than when you learn it. I for one was never really good in additional mathematics. I loved the subject but was never good in it. I did not fair too well in Add Maths back in school, but all of the sudden add maths seems so easy. What was wrong with me? Did i not see how easy it is then when i need it for exams?

Strangely after months of not touching add maths books, i volunteer to coach a friend who is sitting for spm(which is equalivent to O levels) this year in add maths, thinking he would know most of it, and i would probably be just friendly support. I know i love dreaming, but not all dreams come true that easily. Nope he was not able to do the sums. I was now in trouble. Why did i volunteer to coach if i had no clue what so ever how good i really was it add math. Being a great actress i look at the book, trying to seeming try to find a way out. Sums look hard as they were long. But funny enough, i was able to do them. Its not so hard after all. Why didnt i see that when i was back in school when i needed them? Guess you just know as you grow older.

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Rajiv Finn said...

yeaa.. it takes a nut to crack another.. ;)

errrkK.. 2 understand tht.. gotta think like a nut...