Thursday, August 12, 2004

Enjoying a hair treatment

Enjoying a hair treatment

I was browsing through the internet and i found an interesting study done by Cambridge University that only 35% of Women today enjoy sitting at a saloon for hours getting a hair treatment. I am one of the few women in that 35% category. Never did i know this till today, when after spending already 4 hours in the saloon treating my hair, a question was raised on how women have the patience to sit for long hours at saloons. I used to be able to answer that saying its the same way how people sit in front of the tv for long hours. Talking to a couple of girlfriends today, i realised that among the 6 of us i was the only one who enjoyed sitting at the saloon for hours. Its funny out of the 6, i always seemed like the least fashionable one. These girls did modelling, fashion designing, love to gossip and fancy the talk of make overs, but ironically they become restless after only an over has passed. Sounds strange as they seem like the types used to it but the fact still remains true. Yet i still am one who enjoys pleasuring myself, treating my hair at a saloon. I dont care how long it takes, as long as i leave looking GOOD. It also feels good to be part of the minority and knowing you look good. When you look good, you feel good!


Rajiv Finn said...

but when u feel good.. you tend to look better..


Rafiki said...

hey purple feline,

Didnt know you would actually take the trouble to check out the statistics involved in what i mentioned to you in the afternoon hehe Guess i have to change my statement now. Instead of using the word "women" i have to say its just u hehe. But guess what. No matter what u always have looked great. Whether it be before u go to the saloon or when u awake in the morning u still look like a beautiful enchantress. Have a nice day my love and hope you enjoy this blog.

Yours truly,