Friday, August 27, 2004

I just love the taste of ice cream!

I just love the taste of ice cream!

Imagine standing in front of the box, filled with loads of different delicious melting ecstasy in which we call ice cream. I just love that feeling, gazing at all the different colours of ice cream, trying to pick out a favourite. It just makes your mouth water, watching them scoop up a spoon of the chosen cream for the day, and letting you taste what your money was spent for. Yummy.....I just love the taste of ice cream!

Ice Cream is sort of like my best friend. It cheers me up when im down, its always there for me in its icy coolself, it doesn't get bored of me, and it always comes up with sweeter flavours. Yum.... I could live eating only ice cream. Its funny, how ice cream, not being able to speak can cheer me up. I guess its icy cold self just numbs up my brain and leaves me without thinking about what had just happened. I love that numb feeling ice cream can give you when you eat it too fast, the ultimate brain freezer. Ice Cream, oh ice cream how i love thee in my company.

Many people have the mentality that ice cream being cold can give you a flu. I for one had that mentality, but i read this article in the "Australian's womens weekly" and came across the fact that ice cream keeps you away from nasty flus. Now how is this possible? isnt ice cream bad for health? Nope. It isn't. Today we have such thing as a healthy ice cream. Most well known parlours have already added probiotic microbes to their ice cream which could aid in digestion, boost the immune system, and fight bad bacteria. You see, ice cream isn't all that bad, its like taking more antibiotics which is good as it boost the immune system.

Dont you just love ice cream now?


daenielle said...

Yummy! I love ice-cream too, so i totally agree that it is a comfort food. It makes you feel happy, kind of like the orange lemon juice i had in Italy....absolutely delicious! The only thing i was wondering is how beneficial is ice-cream for one's health? I mean, you can find articles and information from various sources arguing both sides-that it's good and that it's bad, so i suppose you gotta look back at who funded the research and how credible the source is....hmmm. In the meantime, someone else can do that cuz i'm gonna be busy enjoying ice-cream with the Purple Feline!

Anonymous said...

ice cream? hmm..ur post was cool...but unlike every1 weird n dont really enjoy creams...n stuff like that...(maybe cuz im 2 sweet n cant go on adding sugar..or ill fall i wonder y...i never knew tht ppl could get..emotionally bounded wif an ice cream...thanks for the info...good post!