Sunday, August 15, 2004

Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre

This is Jean Piere. Jean Pierre is my fighting fish which i bought on the 4th of July this year. Its radiant shades of blue and purple gives him an elegant look that helps it live up to its name. This breed of fighting fish is known as the siamese fighting fish. Siamese fighting fish are best known for their explosive male rivalries.

The mating habits of a fighting fish are known to vary in different species. The siamese fighting fish are mouth brooders. With each of these species the female will produce a small number eggs and the male takes them into his mouth. The male will carry the eggs, going without food, until they hatch. Even then, the male will continue to carry the young in his mouth until they can swim freely in their habitat. Talk about a man bringing up the kids, a fighting fish can be your example.

It is sad though, the life of a fighting fish seems rather lonely. Looking at Jean Pierre everyday, i feel sorry for him as he lives a rather lonely life. I would buy him a mate, but he would probably just kill her. Thats why they are called fighting fish. As lonely as it may seem, Jean Pierre still looks as elegant as ever among the red stones and the green money plant which he loves playing with.

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