Friday, August 06, 2004

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

A much better day indeed... friends, my fellow bloggers, do you know how good a rose can make you feel? Well let me start by telling you my simple yet short pathectic story of my morning and how it turned out beautiful.

I got up late. You know those days, when you have got enough sleep but yet you still seem so tired and it feels like you were glued to your bed. Well thats how it felt to get up at 9.00 this morning. After that of which i rushed the morning moments of getting ready for college. Its now already 10, and i am just leaving the house. Class starts at 10, a definate sleepy late comer. I got to college with haste, there was no time to waste, as literature teacher doesnt accept excuses no more. Its now 10.15 and i enter class. Funny after all that rush, class hasnt even started. Turns out i made it just in time to begin. i moved my half asleep body across the room where i found my dearest friends( Jess and Ham) seated with a seat next to them empty(obvoiusly reserved for me). Class begins, with a sweet congratulations to the people who had made the cast of Much Ado about Nothing. a sheer applause for them. Class goes on, we continued our discussion on themes. n for the first time, my group presentation went on quite smoothly indeed even though we lacked preparation. i was quite pleased with the way we handled it. After class, had a bite with frens then rushed to class for maths. Now this is what i hate about replacement classes. One its at 12 o clock, which is an ungodly over for class as its lunch time, and two, the amount of ppl who will attend it. there were in total including me 3 ppl in class where we sat and did tedious sums that really got me frustrated. Its 2pm, and im done with maths. Easy but so frustrating. I run upstairs to the flower shop, pick two red roses and buy em off for Rm 0.50 each. Roses, roses, roses. I love roses, how they cheer me up from anything thats bugging me. So thats the end of my story as i have said its a simple yet short and pathectic story of my morning.
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"- William Shakespeare

later mates~

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