Sunday, August 29, 2004

Trust hurts when its broken

Trust hurts when its broken

Who can i trust? The word trust on its own has a literal meaning to allow someone to look after something with full confidence that it will be kept confidential. I still feel that, trusting someone is a burdened task unless you are used to the pain it brings when that trust is accidently broken. I placed alot of secrets to a single person, and behind my back she broke it. Now i wonder why it hurts, if i can say the secret was not such a big deal. The thought of that person breaking that promise not to tell a soul, is the sharpest knife that can pierce into your heart.
It hurts, it hurts so bad. Now i needed this person to keep that secret, but after going behind my back, i do not know who to trust anymore, for trust itself is a burdened task. Trust hurts when its broken. It hurts so much. Who is left to trust? I can trust no one but myself....


Anonymous said...

erm i know how u feel! has happened 2 me on more thn 1 occasion...sometimes...its better to trust..urself...or talk 2 a complete stranger u meet online..bout it...cuz he or she wont know any of ur the chances of getting hurt...or less...erm....but 2 be honest...nothing in the the pain...of some1 close 2 u...some1 u share all ur probes..wif...just changed overnight..without telling u a reason...n just walks out on u....thats the worst thing that can happen!...try talking 2 complete stranger u meet online...sometimes its better to get things off ur chest..if this person happens 2 be a starnger u meet lame as it sounds..the chances of him/her...telling ur secrets n other other ppl or friends are less..cuz he wouldnt know any of ur if the probe is kind of big..n u can solve it urself..try lame as it just might work
-ur-blogger fan-

Anonymous said...

You sound like a really smart cookie, i'm sure you'll put this experience behind you as a lesson. Your situation is a classic scenario on the trust and confidence we all place in people we know and love.. Unfortunately humans were made to talk.. not keep secrets (notice how our lips dont come with zips?)Almost everyone I know has been in your place before.. including me!

Hope this comment does not come off sounding all wise*n*learned-teaching-Young Padawan*. Just hang in there, and have hope... there is always someone you can trust. Maybe you havent noticed? =)

yucky monkey

Rajiv Finn said...

u can always trust meeeeeeee!!

*starts whistling randy newman's 'youve got a friend in me'*