Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Why are we so unorganised?

Why are we so unorganised?

I have honestly have yet to discover a government system that is efficient. I mean i am in Malaysia, and Malaysia being a developing country in Information Technology, I still have not found a single efficient government system here. Take a look at the JPJ office(where you register your car), Registration office, Immigration office, Driving license exam unit, etc. None of them are efficient.

Today i spent my entire morning at the registration office just to switch my identity card into the new card which is called the "My Kad". Yes, the card is supposed to be a result of efficient work but the making itself can tell you how much effientcy we have to undergo. Just doing so, i had to spend 5 hours of pure waiting at the office.

Now let me tell you a little about how things work at the registration office. You come as early as you want, queue up in this really long queue and pick a number. Today i got number 461. Now comes the worst part, the waiting part. It all starts with number 001 at 8AM sharp. Thats 460 people before me. Now how many counters do they have? hmmm a fare deal of 12. but are they all open? No. there were only 6 counters open today. Now this is annoying. Not just the point that the numbers move so slowly but the fact that you have to sit in an environment where you gotta listen to this guy, who i think unmistakenly has a soar throat, shouting calling numbers to go to their respective counters. What a heavenly site? (not*) People fill the place, its crowded, and its noisy. It almost reminds me of a market. After that, once we have waited hours, our number is called, and we go and give in our forms, where here they check our names and addresses to complete their task and make our thumb print into the computer. Now after 5 minutes of this, round 2 of waiting starts till they call your number again to take a picture of you. Now i must say, ive never thought that these officers working could be so carefree. Instead of speeding up the process of taking the picture, they actually tell you to tidy up your hair, stand straight and then they snap.(i dont have a thing against looking good, its just bare n mind there are people waiting) After that they tell me to see if the picture is ok, if im happy with it, if not they will take it again. Now is this not a bit too much. Since when did the government care how we looked like?

Why do we have to keep a carefree attitude when it comes to work? Isn't a country thats diciplined more efficient? Its a sad thought, but the thought still haunts me. Yet, why are we so unorganised?