Friday, February 18, 2005

Rainy day blues

Rainy day blues

The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there will be sun! Yes i would certainly like to be a meteorologist for a day after my rainy day incident today.

It is about about 3.30pm, my friend, Jess and I drive to to main block of our college to settle some payments, hoping to get back just in time for law class at 4pm. It was bright and sunny at that time with not a single cloud to be found in the sky. Upon arriving at the main block, we park the car, and walk to the book shop to get some books. When we came out, the sky was dark grey. We had only taken about 2 minutes in the bookshop. For a sky to turn from light blue to grey in just 2 minutes was some irony. We knew at that moment it was going to pour. We had no umbrella nor a book to shelter our head. Thinking we had some time before it came down, we went to settle our payments.

At 3.50 pm we walk out the door of Help University College, only to find it pouring outside. Now the rain was not really our problem. The problem was that we had class starting in 10 minutes and it was all the way in the other block. Lucky for me, i had worn a cold long sleeve sweat shirt with a hood that kept me quite warm. Talking about hoods, i decided to put the hood onto my head and run to the car to get an umbrella like an admirable hero, thinking i would not wet my hair which i had just washed and steamed this morning. Unfortunately for me, my hair got soaked wet, as i had forgotten that my sweat shirt was made out of cotton, and so was my hood. Cotton absorbs water(Duhh..) Yeah i was wet from head to toe. By the time i reached the car, i felt like someone had just poured a bucket of water over my head. My jeans were so wet, it was dripping. I felt so heavy like as if my pants were trying to glue me to the floor so i would not move again. Talk about putting on extra weight. After sitting in the car for about 10 mins, i decided to get out with 2 umbrellas. It was still pouring, but it did not make much of a difference as i was already soaking wet. I get back to Jess. She looks at me standing there like a hero who just returned from war all scruffy and dirty, in my case wet. We decided at that point to forget law class, and head to mc donalds for some hot fries. We make it to mc donalds still soaked, get our fries, and decide to head to Jess' place to dry up. We put up our umbrellas ready to go. Just as we open the door, we could feel the strong wind pushing us back. We got out, and that's when i looked at my friend Jess in desperate help as my umbrella was about to get off my hands as the wind was pushing it off. I was trying my best to hold on to it, that the wind nearly swept me off my feet. That is one of the disadvantages of being slim. You get pushed around by the strong winds.

Jess got hold of the umbrella, we shared one umbrella and walked to the car like ducks. It was such a cold ride home, snacking on the hot french fries we had just bought. My shoes were bubbling. It was filled with water, that it started to pierce itself through the cotton and bubble. It was a rather unusual sight. Want to see that happen? Purchase reebok, and get caught in a storm like this. You would have some thrill just looking at it.

We got to Jess place still soaking. The rain had stopped by then. We dried off, i got a baga-lose shirt to change into which i had lots of fun swimming in and then settled down for a nice hot masala tea, which Jess makes so well.

This is the first day I have ever gotten so wet in the rain that i was literally dripping from head to toe. Never in my life have i gotten so wet in the rain. It was a new experience. A rather thrilling one i would say. Never thought the rain could inspire me to blog.

Next time it starts to pour, don't frown, as you might just have lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

can the rain get any irritating when u dont plan for it! well that is the way it has to be when u stay in Malaysia...anyways it was still a sweet n funny memory that i will remember...
ps:hey rose i think we should always carry an umbrella.


Anonymous said...
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daenielle said...

I like the rain, but I suppose getting trapped in it when you need to be somewhere is something else. Glad you girls had a fun time though...