Monday, March 28, 2005

An Improvement

An Improvement

When I was assigned to do a topic I just did not like, I was devastated. The topic, law and morality, a topic with no right or wrong answers just arguments that will get you an A. I was not hoping for anything near an A. I hated topics which were so grey, and this was a grey topic.
The question: Evaluate the view that there are areas of private morality that is not the law's business.

Thats my essay...

I read a book sometime last year entitled "What's so great about America?" by Dinesh D'Souza. I dont usually enjoy reading political books but I read this book from loads of recommendations from friends. Not quite interesting, but struck a thought when writing this essay. Finally, one of these boring political books would come into use. My essay had a couple of quotes from this book. It helped with 50% percent of my work.

Now standing in front of the class under the chilly air-cond making me shiver reading my essay out loud for the class. I finish, then get these comments from the class, that made me puzzle in confusion. I just knew it! This was just not my topic, not my day. Yes it is so, I am easily saddened by critism. My teacher then made her comments, another few that made me draw the line of being confused. I so knew this day was not meant to be. I had all these sad, cold thoughts in my mind. I just felt like crying. I wanted to run...,"A very good essay I would say!" She concluded.

What just happened? Did I miss something? For a moment there I thought I was being debated down to having written such a poor essay, but I was wrong! She liked it! yahoo!!

I know it aint an A, but it is certainly an improvement. From being lost in this topic, to loving it.
I am getting there. There is certainly a God above, who loves me!!!

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