Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Between two

Between two

She likes him and he, he likes her too. Is it fair for anyone to stop them from liking each other? Who are we to say who she is meant to go out with, or allowed to date, or just have heaps of fun with? This bond is between the two of them not the whole world. So why are they those who cry a tear not knowing what to do next, and those hot heads trying to melt away this bond? From her speech, we know she loves him. Yet, she is forced to sacrifice something. True love, or real happiness?

The thought of this just saddens me, as I wish I could do something. I guess, in the end its between the two of them.


Anonymous said...

Ask her to choose what she wants most. What her heart is telling her to do. follow it. don't let anyone stop u from loving someone.


foxy[h.a.m]duchess said...

well maybe both of them feel insecured. maybe wat OTHER ppl tink play a big role in their lives. maybe they're just afraid to face it. u dig?