Friday, September 30, 2005

I love, yet I hate...

I love, yet I hate...

I love theatre
I love the things around me that make me feel who I really am
I hate not being able to express myself

I love company
I hate loneliness
I hate having to figure out whom to have lunch with
I love people
I hate people telling me what to do

I hate window shopping because it makes me feel so sad when I see something I like and cant afford it as my taste is pretty expensive
I hate seeing things that tempt me

I love the smell of freshly cut grass,
The smell of the ocean
I love the scent of my sweetheart
I hate the smell of perfumes that give me migraines

I love being right
I hate knowing that Im wrong

I hate men in control
I love men who are sexually in control

I love to speak

I hate being shut up

I love long bubble baths
I hate being rushed out of a shower

I love watching people do things, and day dream while they are at it

I hate people day dreaming, while watching me do something
I love ice cream
I hate nutty ice creams
I love leading
I hate being the only one with ideas

I love playing the classical guitar
I hate people who show off when they play the guitar

I love to watch dreams come true
I hate hearing people say it cant be done

I love making my breakfast look good
I hate all the other meals of the day

I love writing note down
I hate re-writing them

I love speed
I hate it when people tell me to slow down

I love Pisang Goreng (fried banana)
I hate bananas

I love blogging
I hate running out of things to say

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