Monday, October 31, 2005

Watching God

Watching God

Its pouring outside. I peer outside the window, and see God showering the earth. Its so wonderful to sit and watch God work. He creates an atmosphere that is serene, an arousing mood to dance...

The rain pouring down, the slight chill from the cold, the living room of an apartment all lit with candles making the mood romantic.

Put on a little latin music, and feel it. Feel it. Then put on your dancing shoes, and get yur partner to sway with you. Sway, and twirl, and salsa! Feel him. Feel him on the dance floor. Salsa has got to be the worlds sexiest dance, cause you have to feel the passion to dance it well.

In a mood so perfect like this, all I want to do, is dance. Dance all through the day, and just forget everything else, but my partner who feels the music I am feeling at the moment.

God really knows how to make a girl happy. He just made music, and everything falls in place when we feel it.

Some of my favourite latin, salsa tracks to dance to are:

Paulina Rubio
- Baila Casanova

Santana feat. Mana
- Corazon Espinado

Enrique Iglesias
- Bailamos

- Maria Maria

Marc Anthony
- Dimelo

- Objection

Oh the rain is subsiding, the mood is fading.... I'll just go back and peer outside the window and watch God.

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