Friday, April 07, 2006



The term "do what makes you happy" is seriously flawed. Complete bullshit, if you dont have money at the end of the day. It is what you want to believe, what you choose to feel.

The only thing thats real, is the sacrifice people make for the benefit of others. Sacrificing happiness to help someone out. Sacrificing dreams, just so you dont become a burden to anyone. Sacrifising time, so you dont piss people off. True love, is a sacrifice.

Sometimes, people throw the weirdest things at you. Sometimes you end up in a position, that make u lose your reputation, and image. I have made someone so upset at me, that they have lost all respect for me. On the facts of this situation, I could be so angry and not forgive anyone like that, but its different. This person is different. This person will play a big part in my life later on, and I hate having made her upset. I dont know how to say sorry, and even if I did say sorry, I wouldnt be too sure about what I am saying sorry for. But, I am truly sorry for causing hurt to her, and I just wish there was an easier way to get that across to her.

I just wanted to hear an explanation, not from a thrid party. Im still searching for a way.

True love is a sacrifice. This also means, sacrifising your wants, for the happiness of others. Sacrifice for me at this point, is drowning my pride, and finding a way to reconcile.

The season of lent is about sacrifice and reconciliation. I hope and pray, that I will continue to grow in that light.

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Anonymous said...

hang in there... all u can do is say sorry and mean it, the rest is up to her, doll. If she doesnt want to forgive you, you cant keep going on life upset at that fact. Its pointless. Just go on with life and have faith that things will work out over time. If your on the same issue i think ure on, just know that he really loves you, and is not going to give up on you. Someday she will she that, and I cant find a better way to say that it will make her happy to see him happy. Now that is sacrifice in a nice way. think about it, and have faith doll!

its just like surviving in the arts. If you dont believe, you wont survive. I should know.

I believe in you...