Friday, August 03, 2007


Hello Bloggers...

I apologise for not posting anything for the past 8 months. Truth is I just haven't been inspired. It's probably due to the stress of final exams which was in June.

I have completed Year 2 of my law degree at HELP University. Now I am off to the University of Liverpool, UK, for my final year. I leave on September 13th, so friends, come chill with me before I leave.

While waiting for my results, I took part in a Mooting Competition with my partner, Christine Ellis. We put in alot of effort in to win this competition, and we did. We won a months internship with Messrs Skrine & Co (biggest law firm in Msia), RM 500 each, invidual trophies, and names on the Rolling trophy.

After the Mooting Competition, I did a 3 week attachment at Messrs Bodipalar Ponnudurai Nathan, advocates, and solicitors (BPN). My master here was Mr Anand Ponnudurai, himself. He is a well known lawyer who specializes in Industrial Relations, which is the area of law I want to major in. My stint at BPN was the best attachment ever. I learnt so much, I was treated with respect, given challenging work to do, and the people at BPN were just the friendliest bunch of people I have ever met. BPN rocks!

At this moment, I am doing the one month attachment I won with Skrine. I've only been there for 3 days. Thus I shall reserve my comments for a later date.

I am so excited about going to UK. So many preps, ie. things to get, people to catch up with, certs to pick up, organise finances,etc.

I just ordered a dell laptop. It's Red in colour!!

I got new sports shoes, and court shoes too!!

hmmmm.... so many more thigns to get.

Will keep you guys updated with more posts.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Love you guys so much!!!


Angeline said...

Rose!!hey dear.congrats on the internship!how cool is that=))

we soo have to meet up before u leave okayyyy?

love ya lots

keShia* said...

finally you are backkkkk :)
i hope to leave for the UK in sept too.. 19th sept. will definitely contact you if i get there okay? waiting for my visa now hehe :)
i'd be in london though :)

hugs :) glad you're back blogging :)

Anonymous said...

What would you do if you find out someone that you hate or despise reads your blog? Would you take it as a breach of privacy? Would you ignore it?

Rose Kuruvilla said...

Hey you'll,

Angeline, thanks!!! hugs!!! yes we definately going to meet before I leave. Let me know time and place, and ill be there.... Its got to be at night or on a saturday though, since im working.

Keshia!!!! hey... yes its been a long time.... good to see you still visit my site... hehehe.... where in London you gonna be? you give me your details, and will definately meet up.

Anonymous... breach of privacy definately not. I mean who cares man, if this someone is someone I really hated, then I dont think It would be effect me, since they find a tiny interest in reading up a little bit of my life... Anyone can read my blog. My friends, my enemies...anyone... It would only be a problem if that someone starts spamming my blog. then I probably would react differently. But then again, its just a free weblog. I can always open another one. Did I answer you question?

the purple feline

Anonymous said...

Yeah you did. Im a big fan of your blog so i guess i can continue reading without feeling bad :)