Sunday, September 02, 2007

The concept of equality is rigid

I've always worked hard for the things I really want.

And I get them...
At least I am satisfied with the results of determination.

I am determined.
Always have been...
I've felt the stress of determination,
the pressure of a willing mind,
and bore a positive attitude.

I've achieved to this end quite a bit.
because like I said,
I've always worked hard for the things I really want.

But now I wonder, If it is all worth it?
If it was ever fair at all?

So many people,
different limitations,
different amount of hard work,
yet all achieve the same outcome...

Why are we made this way?
Some to understand in just a day,
and someone to never understand at all.

Why do people fight for equality,
when no one is equal?

Is equality measured generally?
and if so, then why bother to measure,
yet alone to speak of it?

Life on its own is unequal to everyone.
The only thing that we all have in common,
is the fact that we all dont know when our life will end,
we can only hope, pray, and wonder.
But we will never know for sure....

I am 21 years old,
and I am still determined to do what I want to do.

But I still stop and wonder every now and then,
why I am so determined when the outcome is similar for everyone...

The concept of equality remains rigid.

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