Thursday, January 17, 2008


You are like a tattoo,
I let you in my life,
and the love hurts,
and its impossible to erase you.

and the only way possible,
will hurt me a million times more.

So Ill keep the tattoo and spare the hurt.


batman said...

Before you get a tattoo, you look at the catalogue, think about how you want your tattoo to be, and go all out to endure the pain to get it done. It doesn't always turn out to be like it was in the catalogue, sometimes better, and sadly, sometimes not as you had expected. But what is important is, when you decided to get it done, you did it with the best of intentions, and hopefully with no regrets.

Rose Kuruvilla said...

Will you reveal yourself to me batman? or are you playing the msyterious game?

Batman said...

I see you called my name,
Batman as it stands,
Mysterious is the game,
Revealation oh I wish I can.


Batman said...

Well ok i'll tell you a bit more about the man behind the mask. Im actually a friend of your sisters', and she happens to say lots of good things about you all the time and so to kinda not have to *imagine* who she was talking about, I just google'd your name, and found you (well not you, but your blog)! Im pretty impressed with the blog (and pretty touched by it as well!). Thought you sounded a little bit down so I offered some (probably) useless advice (well its what ill be paid by the british government to do soon anyway..) Anyway keep it up and may you have nice happy moments in life always. :)
-From a strangeer called Sidd-
P.S. Nice stranger, not a freak!

Rose Kuruvilla said...

add me on msn batman...