Monday, September 27, 2004

Creative breakfast!

Creative breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many studies have found a relationship between eating breakfast and learning ability, attention span, and general well-being. The American Dietetic Association reports that adults who eat breakfast have an easier time losing weight. Children who regularly eat breakfast think faster, clearer, solve problems more easily, and are less likely to be irritable. Breakfast is important for all ages, not just children.

So why is it 63% of people today do not eat breakfast? Is it because they get up late and have no time to make breakfast? or is it just because they cant find something impressive to feel like eating. So why not make your breakfast impressive?

Change the old light bulb, and start thinking! How am i going to make my simple breakfast interesting? Statistics show that people are more more drawn to a meal to what it looks like. Looks can be decieving, but when it comes to food, 80% of people today are deceived. But thats not a bad sign. In fact some food taste really good. Would it not be better if the food looked good and tasted good.

I have always had the tendency to try to make the most impressive breakfast. If it did not look good, i would prefer to fast the morning meal. One simple idea i took from The Oprah Winfrey show was how to make pancakes looks delicious and yummy. Now this dish contains 2 regular home made pancakes topped with mapple syrup poured on top of the pancakes in a smiley face style. After which slice two pieces of strawberries into thin slices and place them around the pancakes. This will make the pancake look like a sunflower. Now that is what i call a cheerful, creative, makes me wanna eat breakfast. Now if we all made our breakfasts look the way we want them to, don't you think you have just started your day with a bright smile on your face simply because you have achieved making what you wanted your breakfast to look like.

There are loads of different approaches you can take when making your breakfast. I know someone who makes his breakfast look like frankenstein's home! Well as for me, i love cheerful breakfasts.

Anyone have an interesting breakfast idea?


Anonymous said...

1 half boiled egg
1 Grapefuit
2 Frankfuters
1 Slice of bread
1 Glass of MILK...


foxy[h.a.m]duchess said...

well well rose.. i wud really luv to hv a slumber party, n u're sOo gonna prepare me breakfast!