Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The online priest

The online priest

Today we hear loads of weird and unique wedding stories how couples choose different wedding stlyes than the usual church event. Beaches have now become a popular spot for weddings. Some people prefer to go for an exotic style and choose the mountain tops as their spot. But what about doing something unique and different? What about getting married online? Its 2004, and everybody seems to be so hooked up with the internet, so why not go IT crazy, and get married online?

I surfed around, and found no such thing as a marriage taking place online. I then identified the problem to this. There was no such thing as an online priest. Now for two people to get married (christians), all they would need is a priest to marry them and each other. So since this it is 2004, why aint there any priest based online? I think that would be a fantastic wedding idea especially for those in a long distance relationship.

Well thats just a new idea. So wat exotic unique plans do you'll have for a great wedding experience?


Anonymous said...

lol...da nelly elelelel and her imagination...if u put ur mind together..u can really come up with some cun future invention...n make a business proporsal..n start n ur business..instead ...of giving that chances to others...haha...well..u have some imagination...just jope u dont hallucinate...2 ally mcbeal..:p

Anonymous said...

i mean..rossy wossy...n her imagination..typing error..yikes!

daenielle said... online wedding? Not for me. Hey, wouldn't you need a witness too? And where would you have the wedding? In a chatroom? What about exchanging rings...and the kiss? No wedding gown or bouquet? No ringbearer and bridesmaids?

I have to say that it is a very interesting thought though...never would have crossed my mind. Well, i suppose it would work if you were planning to get married in secret and didn't want anyone else to know. Do you think it's actually possible though? And would it be legitimate?

Rajiv Finn said...

marriage. arg. not all are as fortunate to experience undying love.