Monday, September 06, 2004

Making a dream come true!

Making a dream come true!

I always dreamt of performing live in front of huge crowd of screaming fans, whether it was singing, acting, or even dancing. My dream is coming true!

How? Well i will be dancing at Stadium Bukit Jalil (the biggest stadium in malaysia) for Anugerah Era( which is one of Malaysia's grammy's for Malaysian Artists) on the 25th of september. Best part, i will be dancing as a back up dancer for Dayang Nurfaziah (one Malaysian singers). Imagine the thrill of dancing hip hop with Dayang on one of her big performances at the grammys. We are also dancing to a track that is not even out yet. So we are likethe first few to hear it. Now thats so cool.

Now i just like to call it making a dream come true! Its not everyday that you get a chance to dance with an artist. Im on a hip hop crazy fever. Hope to see you'll there!


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