Thursday, September 09, 2004

You are my doctor!

You are my doctor!

Its thursday, and i feel so happy that my computer has finally been fixed! For all my dedicated blog readers, no i havent forgot you guys, and no, i havent been going through writers block. As i mentioned above, my computer was having a little problem, so i wasnt able to update my blog. College computers are just to slow to be used. To sit an update my blog, i would take at least 3 hours, which is really long just to write a blog post. So i decided, now that im back, i will dedicate this first post to how i felt without being able to blog for 3 whole days!

I must say, i am really happy and thankful that my computer is fixed, simply because i have lots to say, and its starting to crowd that little mind of mine. I felt really burdened and lost, just by not being able to post my thoughts on my blog. My blog was and still is essentially like my own psychiatrist. What better way, then to express how i feel and get a response from my dear doctors out there who happens to be my fellow bloggers. Now dont take me wrong here, your not forced into dealing with a psychotic patient, but you are on this site to enjoy reading my thoughts and crazy ideas. Do feel free to comment as you guys are my "doctors". But always remember this, "right patient, but wrong medicine could kill the patient."- Economist. Lol... Just playing around. Yeah sometimes i do think that i am a psychotic patient, and you'll are having a bad time trying to understand me. muahahahahaha!!!!!! Well Let me just say, thank you so much to all of you who have taken time to read my blog. You'll make excellent doctors!

So doctor, when's my next appointment?

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Anonymous said...

"Right patient, but wrong medicine could kill the patient."... Are you sure that's from an Economist ;)? I was pretty sure I mentioned something similar to you recently, LOL. Anyway, the lady's cooled off... Though we haven't spoken to each other yet. Still, there are some letters (one sent in by a personal friend too!) in the Youth 2 Section of this week's Star regarding blogs, blogging and bloggers that I might share with her since we aren't exactly on talking terms, maybe she'd like to read something instead :P. Anyway, have you read the lady's blog? If you've forgotten the address you can ask me again ;). Btw, feel free to mention the incident here, with much discreet and respect to the parties involved though. I'd sure like to hear what your so-called 'shrinks' have to say. Only question is, why'd you need all these guys when you've got a budding psychologist Dr. Chan in da house who's willing to provide you with FREE consultation and counsel (Yours truly)? LOL! Just kidding :D... Of course you still need your support group, and kudos to the folks out there who've done exactly that :)! Hehe, guess it wasn't so much of comment(s) on the post you've just written but since it was somewhat of interest to me, I decided to chip in my own thoughts... Thanks anyway for your time that you've dedicated in making your blog utterly one-of-a-kind! Keep up the good work!

Lotsa Love,