Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Million Dollar Closet

A Million Dollar Closet

I sat and watched Oprah Winfrey today. The day's title:Oprah auctions her closet. Yes, that's right; people were biding for her beautiful designer gowns and accessories. All collections went to charity. Some of her gowns were sold at top prices like $8500 for a stunning red silk gown, which she wore at party at the White House. She also had a garage sale of more than 1 million dollar worth straight from her closet. All these clothes were of great designers only for such cheap prices. Like this Ralph Lauren Suit at only $70! That is fantastic! Walk into Ralph Lauren, and the cheapest suit are at $1000, walk into Oprah's closet and purchase one at only $70. Biddings are still going on at Ebay starting tomorrow morning for 10 days.

All you Oprah Winfrey fans and Designer wear people, this is a place you should be at. Don't miss it! Log on to Ebay tomorrow morning and get your designer wears. All proceeds go to charity.

Oh how I wish, that one day I could do something so big for charity like auctioning off my wardrobe. Unfortunately bloggers, I can't as my closet aint a million dollar one but hey, I am only 18! Give me a few years, and you'll see a blog inviting you for my auction.


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