Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Welcome to Pizza Hut!

Welcome to Pizza Hut!

Dial 1300-88-2525 at 10.30 am

Welcome to Pizza Hut!
Untuk Bahasa Melayu sila tekan 1
For English press 2
(press 2)

Please be reminded that this call is a charged as a local call.
To make an order press 1
To check on delivery status press 2
(press 1)

Here is our menu, have a pick!
For Masala Chicken press 1
For Veggie Lovers press 2
For Seafood Special press 3
For Hawaiian Chicken press 4
For.... press 5
For.... press 6
For more pizzas press 8
For a side order press 9
*the list never ends
(press 4)

You have chosen Hawaiian Chicken
For Personal pan press 1
For Regular pan press 2
For Large pan press 3

You have chosen Regular pan Hawaiian Chicken pizza.
For stuffed crust press 1
For regular crust press 2
(press 1)

You have chosen Stuffed crust regular pan Hawaiian Chicken pizza
For cheese crust press 1
For sausage and carrot crust press 2
For golden cheese crust press 3
For.... press 4
For.... press 5
*the list never ends
(press 1)

You have chosen Stuffed cheese crust regular pan Hawaiian Chicken pizza
Would you like to make another order with that?
Yes press 1 (its a whole new long list)
No press 2
(press 2)

Finally a telephonist speaks,
Your name: .....
Phone number:.....

Ok, So your ..... from .....(address)
You have ordered a Stuffed cheese crust regular pan Hawaiian Chicken pizza

Your total is RM 25.30. Please provide exact change.
Your pizza will arrive in 30 minutes.
It is now 10.35am, your pizza will arrive at 11.30am.

Thank You for calling Pizza Hut!

(hangs up)

We are so caught up with the flight of new technology today that we tend to be technical in our work. Just to order a simple pizza I took a whole 5 minutes. Imagine those who are not familiar to the names of Pizza's at Pizza Hut, they would have to recall the names and the numbers. We have trouble memorizing history, now why would we want to take this long list of pizzas and numbers up. At no point of this call can you return to the beginning. The only way to change your order without having to wait to the very end of the call is to hang up and start dialing again.

What happen to the old traditional, yet quicker way to order a pizza through a telephonist? If we are going to be so technical, then why do we still have a telephonist at the end of the call asking for your name and number? I think we pay too much tax, for so little labour work. Not to mention the long phone bill.

It's about time we start to acknowledge the fact that technology should only be applied to benefit another instead of slowing the work process. I agree that this automatic phone ordering system is a new technology, but it should only be applied to company's with much less things to say. After all the idea is to quicken the ordering process, not show how fluent Pizza Hut is at a language.

Plus notice, I ordered a pizza at 10.35am and it is said to only arrive at 11.30am. The line before states that my pizza will arrive in 30 minutes. Is it just me, or can Pizza Hut count? Well turns out Pizza hut only opens at 11am. So why keep their phone line on at 10.35am? Can't they just say:

"Welcome to Pizza Hut!"
"Im sorry but our phone lines are only open at 11am"
(hang up)

The problem arises simply because we try to be so technical with the way things work, that we don't stop to realise how it benefits our customers. What are your views on this system?

This is one heck of a ordering process. So it better taste good!

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