Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wishing hard

Wishing hard

I gripped my purple pilot shaker mechanical pencil hard. It was so hard to concentrate on what lay in front of me, my literature notes on poetry. I must say poetry was something that always appealed to me. I loved the style of expressing one's feeling through poetry. Sometimes even sad feelings can be so passionately read that it moves the readers mind and touches their heart. Off course it is still based on how the reader interprets it.

This was different though. This was not reading the poem or interpreting it, this was reading a guideline on how to interpret a poem using the right words, style and structure. It was basically what we are required to do at A-levels.

I felt the head ache taking over my body. I just could not get the reason of which we had to learn these terms. I felt my head start to spin, and the veins start to throb, and my vision blurry. What was happening to me? I closed my eyes, and just wished that the unseen poetry test we had tomorrow would be cancelled. After a brief pause, I opened my eyes, looked at the sheet of paper that lay just before me. I could not go through the reading. I had to close it. It just was not my day to read notes. I felt pain in me, as if I could not understand why I would have to go through this mental block since I do love poetry. I wished there would be no writing tomorrow, I wished hard, and fell asleep.

The next morning I rush to class, already 10 minutes late. As I arrive at college, I see a friend standing there looking dumb. Obviously wishing he had more sleep. As he looks at me, he says," class is cancelled!" I stood there at that moment wondering to myself if I was responsible for that. Wow! Did my wish really come-true? Was class cancelled because I wished that it would?

Sometimes wishing hard can change things the way you want it to, but then again there must be someone kind enough to grant these wishes true. Maybe it is just I. Maybe its just coincidence or maybe I have some kind of power, a power to conquer, and to change...


daenielle said...

Personally, I would like to go with the existance of some sort of 'power'. It sounds so much better. Anyway, hope you're feeling better now. Oh, I finally got a tagboard up, so do drop by.

Rajiv Finn said...

with reference to quantum theory.
einstein's equation, E=mc2 thereby proves that the binding energy released into the universe is a result of a decrease in mass in the microscopic intermolecular level. the power that granted your wish was the rate of the binding energy which had been released by the chemical reaction in your blood stream. mind you, this is a mere postulation, you must keep wishing to attain a more certain hypothesis.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... I don't quite buy the whole wishing-power thing, though actually when thinking about it alot of wishes made do come true(b'day wishes...etc); perhaps it's because being rational people we wish for things which have a possiblity of coming true. And when it does come true we choose to believe that it was because of our 'wish' rather than coincidence; and if it doesn't come true-we forget about it.

However i do buy into the destiny thing... Not a strict 'destnieist'..not everything is neatly mapped out, but that certain things are destined to be, and we have limited sway over it.