Saturday, April 30, 2005

Angels hang out again!

Angels hang out again!

I went out with Jess and Ham today. Been a long time since the three of us hung out. You would expect us, being known as the "Charlies Angels" to hang out together all the time, but I guess we are all busy in our own work, whether it is study, work, or even family. We went for lunch and then a movie, "the pacifier". After which we went to do a little shopping for a wallet. Now I am not a fan of shopping, a boys best friend when it comes to shopping. I only shop when I need something.

Our close friend, Matt, who joined us on this hang out and was caught to be extremely bored of us girls going in and out of shops looking for a wallet and most of the time coming out empty handed. Lucky for him and I, we had Ham who knew mid valley at the tip of her fingers. Just name the shop, and she would be able to give you the exact location of it as well as what it sells. That cuts down the number of shops we have to check out. We spent a good 3 hours together, and after having no luck at getting a nice reasonably priced wallet we decided to leave.

It was a nice, short hang out, with a great movie (you have to watch it!) and I enjoyed it. It was an Angel's hang out and as for Matt, he could play the charming, sexy Bosley for today . That tops up an episode of the Charlies Angels get together.


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foxy[h.a.m]duchess said...

hola hola!! it's been awhile since i last posted a comment.. well as for this blog, we all had a great time that day.. after long pressurin + exhausting + tensed up shifts at work, hangin out wit my gals is the best thing eveR! i love my angels.. LOADS!